Fountainside at the Scioto Mile

Today was the PERFECT summer day. Thank goodness the humidity has moved out momentarily and we were finally able to go downtown to enjoy the fountains.

Fountainside is a weekly event hosted by Columbus Rec and Parks at The Scioto Mile. Each Wednesday, there is a different theme with various sponsors and vendors who come out with kids' activities. Today, we got free popsicles from the Meijer Treat Truck, my favorite Donatos pizza (not free, but $2 per slice), did a craft with Macaroni Kid Columbus, and played with the old homestead toys from Bring the Farm to you. There were several other activities, but Larkyn was dying to do the fountains, so we just picked a few.

I appreciate that the fountains are monitored closely by a staffer who stands every 20 yards or so, making sure everyone is under control.

When the giant (I mean GIANT. It is a sight to see!) fountain explodes every so often, all the kids go nuts and run towards it, screaming. This leaves a nice little break for the little ones to have the smaller fountains to themselves.

Go early (11:00) and find a nice place in the shade to watch your kids. They are very hard to come by. Next time, I am leaving this little stinker at home because he doesn't like the fountains at all, so my attention was split two different ways.

There are plenty of shady spots to sit and eat your snacks or a picnic, but they are not close enough to watch your children in the fountains. There are lots and lots of kids there, and a friendly police officer who I saw return more than one child to his caretaker. Like I said, lots of kids but also plenty of space, so I didn't feel like the kids were as crowded as they are at most splash parks.

We will definitely go back soon. Where else would you recommend taking kids downtown?

The details:
The Scioto Mile
233 Civic Center Drive
Columbus OH 43215

Fountain hours: Please check the website for current hours. Fountainside activities are on Wednesdays throughout the summer, from 11:30-1:30

Bathrooms are available with changing tables and if you are feeling fancy, Milestone 229 is there for lunch (one of my favorite restaurants in town!)

If you don't have a plan, parking can start you off in a bad mood. Just plan to go to the public garage on the corner of Rich and Front Street. At $2/hour, you'll save yourself a giant hassle and the walk is easy.

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