Fresh and Friendly at Pizza Cucinova

The kids and I were invited to try Pizza Cucinova this week, and so we made a day of visiting some old favorites (Nearby Luck Bros. Coffee and Wyman Woods Park) before lunch time.

The restaurant is conveniently located on the corner of Olentangy River Road and West Third Ave. You will see it on your right, immediately after Millers Ale House. Parking was easy (but turning left to leave is not. Grandview: We need a light there!)

 sidenote: love that dark wood + bright yellow! 

Hooray for ordering at the counter! I did not know it was a counter-concept restaurant (like Piada and Chipotle), but my little mama heart skipped a beat when I realized our lunch was just made a littler easier. The restaurant is very large and I noticed that the large group mentioned later was able to pull together several tables and seat a TON of people!) The manager, Jamie, greeted us and explained the process.

You start with a hand-tossed crust (trust me, I watched him do it), add your sauce, then cheese and 30 different toppings. I hate that I didn't get a picture of the toppings, but a busload of people showed up just as I was free to take a few. There is a section of meats (crumbled sausage, freshly sliced prosciutto, giant pepperonis, chicken...), and a colorful assortment of vegetables (caramelized onions, spinach, basil, mushrooms, jalepenos...).

For us?  We love our pizza, but we are kind of boring pizza people!  The kids shared a cheese pizza, which was more than enough for them. If Larkyn doesn't like a pizza, she won't even eat past the first bite. She ate two full pieces, so that tells me she liked it.

And I am a white pizza fanatic. I got the olive oil and garlic sauce with shredded AND fresh mozzarella (totally don't regret that choice at all). We added fresh spinach because I felt like a needed some color, and that was it. One thing I'd love to suggest is pine nuts. I was totally craving those for a crunch on top, but without them, my pizza was still amazing.

I also opted for a salad because the ingredients looked so good there sitting in front of me. I got the Mixed Greens and chose the lemon vinaigrette, which was a nice summery flavor. They had an intriguing beet salad that comes with Feta, which maybe I will try next time.

The wait for the food was unnoticeable. By the time you get drinks and get settled, taking in the beautiful blonde wood tables and industrial light fixtures, your wood-fired pizza is sitting in front of you.

But the best thing about our experience?  The friendliness of the team. When you are serving kids, it is an all-hands on deck effort. I notice when staff does not acknowledge that our dining experience will be different, and I will definitely remember if they are not able to handle it. Our experience was smiles, helping to get a fallen binky, securing a bib, and checking in on us.

Of course, if you are a parent, you know we always eat last. So, I filled my take-home boxes (cardboard instead of styrofoam--yay!) and enjoyed most of my meal at home on the deck.

We look forward to going back sooner than later to Pizza Cucinova. They have a great Pizza & Pint event coming up on June 17th. Hope you can make it!

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nana said...

What an attractive establishment. The food looks amazing and I can't wait to try it. Thanks!

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