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Free concerts!  
It was all fun and games until Larkyn noticed the various motorcycles/cement trucks/other vehicles that do not pass her noise standards. This same gig goes on every Sunday night on the Village Green. Loves the lunch hour one though, for kids. And yes, most of my picnic food is from CVS. 

Iced coffee + simple syrup
Ummm holy mother of sugar what was I thinking? I have been frustrated for months by trying to get sugar to dissolve in my iced coffee (#firstworldprobs) and that all changed when my new BFF at Early Bird Food Truck splashed it with simple syrup. Don't worry, there's an entire post about this little heaven on wheels coming up...

Our first haircuts
I was most worried about Larkyn, but she did great. Miss Amy gave her a fancy 'do, which I have tried to replicate and have failed. Rhys...we might go a little higher on the ears. I was afraid to take off too much of his curliness but am now rethinking it. 
I was out of control and I was in denial. Moment of silence for the curls. 

We headed to the Conservatory again (known as "The Bug Store" until future notice) to see Nancy Lockard, The Turtle Lady. If you've been reading for a while, you know my daughter is...well, afraid of everything. But she went right for the turtles and was very curious about them eating their salads. Nancy and Mr. Turtle Lady did a great job making her comfortable with the turtles and dragons. We actually go way back to my toddler years, but she becomes quick friends with anyone! Check out Nancy's page to see where she will be next.

Moscow Mules
The Pearl in April, Kraft House 5 in May. Where will I find the next one? And have you made one at home? I seriously want the copper mugs and the whole shebang. 

Experimenting with Risotto
Bethia intrigued me with two posts on risotto. Have any of you made it? It's happening here the next time I get groceries instead of carryout. So, never. 

Have a great week! Hope you do something new and fun!

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Schneider 4.0 said...

I'm a frequent risotto maker! The trick is patience and lots of stirring. :) There's a recipe out there for Brio's risotto...sweet potatoes and chicken and deliciousness. mmmmmm

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