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Summer Mantle  I put this one together over a month ago and kept thinking it wasn't done. I planned to buy some tall greenery, but...buying baby swimwear and maxi dresses is more fun? The green/black/white is a combo that I am really digging right now. 

Vacations!  Due to a few family health concerns and Matt's time off, we may not all be able to get together for a beach trip this year. So, we booked something a little different for the end of July. Smoky Mountains, here we come. I am a beach vacationer through and through, so this will be something new for all of us and a feasible drive with 2 little ones. If you have any tips on vacationing on the TN side of the Smokies, please comment!

Sprinkler time!  Remember when running through the sprinkler was exhilarating and the best thing ever? I've been waiting for Larkyn to realize this and she finally has! The only problem is that our sprinkler is actually a giant beach ball as big as her and the location of our pump is unknown. That works, right?

Age 15 months  I remember having so much fun with Larkyn when she was Rhys' age. They're still just so sweet and expressive and curious, but cracking me up at the same time as he tries to do things on his own. He's doing a lot of imitating and exploring...a lot of household items end up in the toilet or in my rain boots. 

Live Cbus Takeover  I had fun hosting the LiveCbus Instagram feed last week. I loved the pressure of entertaining 8000+ followers, introducing them to local businesses, and connecting with other moms.

We actually tried Skip the Dishes after I mentioned it a few weeks ago. Loved the process. Very easy to order, fun to track the driver (poor guy coming in rush hour traffic!), and very friendly driver. We will use it again but will choose a different restaurant. It will be convenient to place my order during the school day and have it ready when we get home. Have you tried it yet?

Girls Night at Harvest  was such a success that instead of choosing a different place to meet up each time, we might just make this our hangout and eat our way through the whole menu. Right across the street is Cup O' Joe, where we can focus more on the chat and less on the amazing buttermilk fried chicken and hush puppies in front of us. 

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