Mama + Son trip to NC

I can't believe I never posted about our trip to Charlotte for my Godson's first birthday!  Perhaps it was because the day before we left, Rhys came down with his first illness that lasted a MONTH and cost us $300 in Urgent Care visits. Anyway...

My niece and I are like sisters who can be off the grid from each other for a few weeks and then pick right back up where we left off. We had our boys just 10 days apart from each other. I have flown by myself with Larkyn a few times, so I wasn't too nervous to take little guy for his first trip on my own.

He was in a terrible mood for the entire weekend from his cold, so I don't have an abundance of "look how happy I am to see everyone and have a birthday party" photos. But I DO have a ton of photos of their first birthday cake smash and the amazing party skills of Kristy. She taught me everything I know ;)

Our flights connected both times, because getting a direct flight out of Columbus is like leaving North Korea. You can't. So, four airplanes and one long layover at JFK (um, 5 HOURS), we survived. Since I have done it several times, I have quite a bit of advice for traveling alone with a baby, which you can find in my guest post over at How She Thrives.

Once we arrived, it was time for the Henry and Rhys (the birthday boys) to finally meet. Henry was babbling away and all smiles and Rhys wanted the closest pack and play to pass out. But a bath with leopard towels and floral sheets was first.

The next morning, we saw the rest of our family and did what I do when I travel south: shop. Charlotte has amazing church rummage sales with very good quality second-hand (or brand new!) kids clothes and toys. Can we please start those here in Columbus?  And also, the worst customer service combined with my major guilty pleasure...

We spent the rest of the evening shopping for party supplies and setting up party central to label water bottles and fill treat boxes. This is the language of my people. Party planning.

The party was adorable and Kristy thought of every detail for the theme: Time Flies when You're Turning One. I get a lot of my ideas from her, so for my kids' party a few weeks later, I used a few ideas, like the marshmallow pops and mini suitcases.

There are so many other pictures I took of her mad party skills, but these are my favorites. Would you look at that little cake face?  He was really into that cake smash. And below, there we are with our little birthday boys. I wish we could get them together more often like our parents were able to do with us. "Wingman" was just feeling miserable, so at the party, he ate a giant cookie and went to sleep.

We have a LOT of little boys in our family, and most photos just involve them as blurs running past after a ball or a hula hoop.

The next morning, we did a little cake smash session, and then it was time for Rhys and I to head back to the airport to go home (via JFK). Our flight was delayed twice and our layover involved a call to the pediatrician and buying $13 baby Motrin. Ohhhh yeah and blue vomit from said Motrin as soon as the plane took off.

Though traveling with a baby/toddler ranks right up there on The Most Stressful Activities in Life list, it is totally worth it in the end. Our time with family is always ALWAYS too short, and I can't wait to see everyone again next time (hopefully with a healthy boy!)

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Nana said...

Great pictures of a fun time! If you and Kristy lived close enough, you would be great party planners for the rest of us. Good job, Girls!

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