Morning at Easton

Can you believe Easton Town Center just turned 15 years old?  I feel like I just went there for Homecoming dinner.

The days are long gone when I would go there to shop for myself all day, so I actually had never taken both kids until this summer. I thought it might be fun to see a few of the quintessential kid stores and then try out the splash fountains on a weekday morning as soon as Easton opened (10 AM).

Parking in the West garage was easy and almost front row at this time of day. If you have a stroller, you'll have to take the elevator up to the ground floor. Turn left when you get to the inside of the mall and the fun begins...

First up, the LEGO store. We have LEGOs scattered all over the house, but neither child is really old enough to be that into them yet. However, Larkyn did have fun looking at the left side of the store, which was for younger children. There were a few Disney Princess sets that caught her eye.

I thought the wall of LEGOs was cool, where you can pick out the colors and sizes you need for your own little project. They had me at the color-coding. If you are trying to spend less than $10, opt for the create-your-own LEGO person at the front of the store. Larkyn had fun putting together a little man (and then we put him back--sorry, kid). 

Can you guess where we went next? Of cooouuurse the American Girl store. I grew up with these dolls and books and have been waiting to take her to the epicenter of the madness.

As predicted, she cared little for the dolls and most for the awesome pretend food that was gingerly set up with each doll. I have to say, the snack cart and the treat buffet were amazing.

And look what we found at the back of the store!  A cafe.  My plans for a day of free activities and window shopping went out the window. the website mentions special seating times, but we were seated when we went in without any mention of reserved times.

American Girl adds a few special touches here that make lunch more special for the little ladies. They have loaner ("special friend") dolls who sit in their own little high chair, in case you don't have an American Girl doll. Lakyn was smitten. Rhys just kept rubbing mac and cheese in her hair. And bonus, the doll is served "magic" (aka: invisible) lemonade in the tiniest tea cup and saucer that we got to take home. And the napkin rings are hair ties that we also got to keep.

Now to the food. There was an interesting mix on the menu, from mac and cheese to pasta with Bolongnese sauce. Rhys was fading quickly, so I requested the fastest items on the menu: mac and cheese, turkey club, and yogurt dippers.

Both kids loved the mac and cheese, Rhys threw most of his adorable yogurt platter on the floor, and my fries were REALLY good. And that pink refreshing! I was surprised at the affordable bill for the 3 of us in this pretty fancy little set-up.

Most importantly, the servers and hostesses were the perfect match for working with families and treating my little doll like she is someone special.

If you have a "girls day" planned soon, this would be a fun little addition to a day at Easton.

As promised, we had to hit up the fountains, which are on the other side of Easton from LEGO and American Girl (but not too far to walk at all because most of the trip is indoor). I quickly learned that we should have arrived earlier. The fountain area was mobbed and there was no place to sit in the shade until I got very lucky and a family moved out.

I was a little worried that the chaos in the fountain would scare Larkyn, but after a few tries, she realized how much fun it was and then had no plans to ever get out (no really, I had to lead her out sobbing because she wasn't "DONE YET!")

Rhys was not interested in the water at all, but enjoyed himself while playing in the shade. He even found a little model train to watch while big sis splashed around.

Being first timers, I was excited to use the towel service, so I left ours at home. Oops- that is only a weekend service. Bring your towels if you are going during the week!

We will definitely go visit all of these places again this summer and hopefully combine it with one of my summer list options, seeing the zoo animals on Wednesdays.  What are your favorite things to do with kids at Easton?

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