Strawberry Lemonade ice cream pie

My mother in law sent me this recipe, from which my version is based. Because I am all about shortcuts, many adjustments were made to save time and to make the top a little more fun! This is a cool, refreshing treat for summer and perfect for using all those strawberries you just picked. 


1 container of strawberries (1 lb)
1 lemon
2 TB sugar
1 graham cracker crust
1 pint vanilla ice cream
Optional: white chocolate bar, fruit strips


1. Wash and dice strawberries (they don't need to be tiny, just chopped a few times). Reserve 2 for garnish on the top.

2. Add strawberries, sugar, and juice from the lemon to a saucepan over medium heat.

3. Put vanilla ice cream in the fridge to soften it.

4. Cook the berries for 10-15 minutes until the fruit turns very light and most of the juice is out of them.

5. Place berries into a colander or strainer over top of a bowl so that you end up with just the juice in your bowl.

6. Let the juice cool a bit, and then scoop your softened ice cream into the juice, mixing it to get rid of any lumps.

7. Pour the mixture into your crust and let it freeze for a few hours. I didn't let it freeze all the way so that my chocolate shavings would stick. Add your chocolate shavings and then let it freeze overnight.

8. After it is completely frozen, add the strawberries and fruit strips on top as a garnish. Enjoy!

For the little lemons, I used a mini metal cookie cutter that had a rounded edge and sliced through a few lemon fruit strips from Target (in the candy aisle). I also used a vegetable peeler on a Lindt white chocolate bar, also found at Target (of course:)

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