The day my heart stopped

Our Fathers Day was a little overshadowed by an accident that happened and that I wasn't sure I would write about on here. But, I know the power of storytelling and if it helps shed light on the dangers of kids and pools, then it is worth it. Plus, we will end the story with a few sweet Father's Day family pics, so that will be waiting for you at the end.

Neither of my kids particularly like water. Larkyn screamed through her baths for about a year, and JUST started enjoying splash pads. Rhys likes messing around in the water table, and that's it. We did a Jump Start clinic at Goldfish Swim School last summer, which was amazing, but costly. The point is, we are rarely around water.

But, our in-laws have a beautiful pool and backyard and we went there for a fun cookout on Father's Day. We brought our swimsuits just in case swimming or water guns might happen.

Rhys would NOT stay away from the pool. He desperately wanted to just climb in. So, Matt and I took turns holding him with all our might while he happily kicked away. The older kids thought this looked fun too, so all three kids were kicking and having a great time.

Even though the "big kids" are both four, all eyes were still on them. All 3 grandmas were watching from the deck and talking to them while I held Mr. Kicker.  They were well-supervised, which was a very good thing. So, I moved further down the same edge of the pool so that Rhys wouldn't get splashed.

I did not hear anything out of the ordinary. No commotion, no cry for help. Falling into the pool is QUIET if you aren't looking and listening for it. I looked up at the grandmas to see them shouting and running toward our side of the pool, where I only saw Larkyn's cousin. She was in the water.

I will never forget her eyes looking at me from under the water.

I felt like it was slow motion. Like I didn't comprehend what was happening or what to do. I was getting up and trying to figure out where to put Rhys when someone dove into the water. Grandpa. Larkyn's grandpa saved her life on Father's Day.

I was crying, she was crying, Rhys was crying. There were a lot of "Thank God"s to go around, and then relieved laughter when Larkyn said "Now can I put on my bathing suit? I'm soaking wet".

What I took away from the event was this: We cannot keep accidents from happening but we can be prepared to react quickly. If we had all been distracted or too comfortable with the "big kids" innocently kicking their feet, this could have been very bad. We never expected that she would just slip right in. She wasn't pushed, she wasn't out of control, she just slid right in on her wet dress.

We talked about the new need for wearing floaties around the pool even if we are not getting in and that we should start swim lessons ASAP.  Another good conversation we had was what to do if her brother or a friend falls in the water. 

So that's that. I slept in her bed for the first time ever that night and worried about secondary drowning, of course. But she is back at it and is just fine. Now, let's look at some fonder memories of that day, shall we?

Take 1

Can you two smile please?

Always into everything. Total boy through and through.

Holding on tight to grandpa

My boys. Heart full, and very grateful. 

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Nana said...

All I can say is amen. God is good.

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