A big old happy photo fest

Life has had me down, friends!

But if you have ever tried to be mopey with a family at home, you know it ain't happening.  Dad would not allow me to have much time in any sort of mopey state, and I am trying to readjust to regular life now that it has been two weeks since the accident. Actually I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing exactly 2 weeks ago....and there I go down the rabbit hole again.

Before I get too far in, I thought I'd share some images that take me to another place when I am missing dad.

 We were at the zoo on 7/1, so I am finally seeing the photos today

Totally different reactions to the passed out kangaroo

And now, change gears. Play this song while you look at these. You have to. 
 We always talked to dad about writing his life story. I had planned to record it this summer, but I think I have said that every summer. I just always liked to hear him tell the story himself. When he retired in October, he started writing it for us. Here is where he left off, about selling his Navy sweater to get a train ticket home.

I am so fortunate that my uncle shared these photos with me. I think my dad was a knock-out, don't you!?
 My grandpa with the twins. Dad is on the right.

If he were here, he'd tell you everyone's name and where they lived. This one gets me every time.

 Forever the big brother, oldest of 6
 Grandpa with his hell-raising boys. My uncle spoke at the funeral, saying they were very poor but didn't realize it because they were happy. And they had enough. 

Look how fancy grandma had them dressed. And there is more than one story featuring these twins and those boots throughout their years, most not ending well at all.

Taps. They played and did the flag ceremony in the pouring rain, not even hesitating.

 These two, together again. Ridiculous binkies unite.

And what are the chances?

What images are making you happy this week?  And take this opportunity to talk to your parents or grandparents about their life story. Go visit with them several times to write it for them, like I should have. 

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