Diamonds Ice Cream

On the way home from the Bunny Park fountains today, I realized we were in the area of a place I'd been wanting to try all summer. I have a funny little alarm that goes off in my head when I realize things like this, so we HAD to stop at Diamonds Ice Cream.

It is located on the corner of Bethel and Sawmill roads, in the same center as Panini Opa and the bowling alley. You can't miss the bright purple signs!

I was pleasantly surprised that I know the owner. His beautiful children went to my school and I had the pleasure of teaching one of them. Such a sweet family, and I am so happy that they opened up their own store. They also own the adjacent Tacos Locos, which we will certainly try another day.

First, the location is huge. You don't have to worry about finding a seat and could bring a whole soccer team here after a game. And the CHOICES!  I am certain that I got hyper and annoying as I looked at and sampled everything.

First up, popsicles (paletas). There are 70 flavors. 70. They (like everything else) are made in-house with fresh fruits. Next time, I am bringing a cooler to bring a billion of them home with me. They come in fun flavors like cappuccino, mango, watermelon, and unique variations like condensed milk and cucumber chile.

Next, the ice cream. Like I said, made in the back with amazing and unusual flavors. My kids went out on a limb and got Oreo and vanilla. I however, sampled pine nut (YUM--try it!) and saw about 50 more that I wanted. I love the flavors that have toppings piled on, like the Lemon Pie with vanilla wafers on top and chocolate marshmallow with a sprinkle of colorful marshmallows on top.

But my search ended when I found Ferrero. She said "It's like Nutella" when she saw my face. "Oh, I know." It must be mine. 2 scoops of it. It was light, not too rich at all, with crispy pieces of Ferrero Rocher in it. How will I ever try anything else off the menu when this exists!?

After we ate and my kids showed their wackiest post pool-ice cream behavior, I had to ask about the Aguas Fresca. And by ask, I mean try 3 kinds. If you are unfamiliar, Wikipedia can explain it better than I can. I define it as iced damn delicious water with a cream base. There are again, several choices. I asked for the "favorite", which was Eggnog. I also tried mixed fruit. You pick your base and then add in whatever fruit you like. I'd like a gallon of the Eggnog with bananas, I think.

Diamonds also has other latin specialities like spiced-up corn on the cob and "crazy" fruits/vegetables. Take a look at their Facebook page to see what happens when they make a Crazy Pineapple. They also have Crazy Cucumbers and for customers who aren't into "crazy", there are nachos and a variety of bagged chips.

I wouldn't even say "next time you are in the area", I'd say "next time you get in your car", head to Bethel and Sawmill for a treat you won't find anywhere else. And while you're there, sample a bunch of things you've never had and let me know what you think! (PS- guess who kept trying to steal bananas?)

Diamonds Ice cream
5461 Sawmill Road
Columbus OH 43235

There is shopping center parking lot, and it is accessed via Sawmill road at the Bowling Alley. There is a restroom, but no changing table or high chairs yet.

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Nana said...

Too bad we don't live around the corner anymore, huh? Can't wait to try it!

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