Summer is finally here

Near the end of June, we went to Fountainside at the Scioto Mile and it was our most fun day of the summer. Then came unfortunate life events and summer was on hold for a few weeks. And, it was not warm at all here in Cbus!

We were so excited to head downtown again this week, this time with my mom. Rhys is not a fan of the fountains, so I need an extra pair of hands to wrangle him. And this time, there would be lots of lots of animals!

We love the Turtle Lady, as I've said before. We actually got some accidental 1-1 time with the turtles the day before at the Dublin Library, but we were excited to see her family of reptiles again the next day.

And Bring the Farm to You brought out the CUTEST farm animals for the kids to pet and "oooooh" over. Rhys adores animals, so he was actually trying to climb in and be part of their exhibits. The farm staff is friendly, welcoming kids to come pet the animals while telling them a few facts about each. 

As usual, the fountains were a hit. She's getting a little braver each time, and I appreciate the Columbus Parks and Rec staff being right there to make sure no one (especially Larkyn!) is running or doing anything unsafe. I am much more comfortable with my kids at a splash park than a pool, but they aren't without risk if kids are going nuts. 

Both kids enjoyed peeking over the banks at the construction and taking a walk over the Rich street bridge to watch the diggers planting trees. It will look so nice when it is finished!

We also enjoyed this guy. Anyone know who he is??

If you haven't made it out to Fountainside yet, put it on your list and get there by at least 10:30 to enjoy fountains before the crowds. And if you're really stealthy, keep your eye on the Meijer treat truck to be there right when they start serving the free ice cream bars and popsicles. That line forms in a minute! 

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Nana said...

I had such a great time being with the kids, all 3 of you. And to be able to talk with my friend of over 30 years, Nancy Lockard, The Turtle Lady, was just icing on the cake! Seriously, you need to come and play at the fountains! It's free, and if you don't have any kids available to tag along with you, then go by yourself and "people watch". Oh, did I tell you it is FREE!

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