Happy Birthday, Dad.

A few months ago, we were starting to think about what to do for dad's birthday this year. It would be a big celebration for his 90th.

Of course, you know by now that exactly a month ago, Dad left us. It is hard to get past that sentence and know what to say next. Two cars and one driver with a traffic and drug offense record a mile long took him from us. Like I've said before, yeah, he was going to be 90, but anyone who knew him could tell you that he was thriving and would make it to 100.

I have found that remembering the good times is much harder for me to do. That's when I get upset. I hope that eventually, I only remember the good things and put the accident and the other driver out of my mind.

So, how will we celebrate?  By eating lunch at his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. You could take him anywhere and Olive Garden would still be his favorite, hands-down.

Today is the first "First" without him. I know when we leave for our family vacation home on Friday, that will be another. The two biggest, probably. We always celebrate his birthday as a whole family on the Island, make him carrot cake and shower him with more polo shirts and belts from the Island store.

At the funeral, the same message was reiterated: Dad was a teacher. He didn't know it. But he didn't do things for you; he taught you how. Here are some of the lessons I am trying to hold onto...

 Work hard. Like until the sun goes down and even then, keep going.

 But, live a little. Play.

 Above all, hold babies. He was always holding one until they got too squirmy.

 Multi-task (watching sports of some sort, I'm sure).

Eat dessert every night.

 Don't forget, hold that baby too!

 Take risks. 


 Get that baby!

 Fashion first. 

 Appreciate a good rocker. Especially if mom is shopping.

Be adventurous. This photo was taken two weeks before the accident. He's almost 90 and sitting on a mountain. 

I love you, Dad. Happy birthday. 

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Kate R said...

I love this post, and you!

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