Smoky Mountains TN: What makes a vacation?

I'll break our vacation into two parts, because there are always two parts. There's the "What we did" and then everything else. The everything else is my favorite part.

Besides the 16 month old Rhys not wanting to sleep in a strange place for the first few sleeps and trying to Hulk out of his carseat after too much time in the car, our trip was a success. In pictures, here are the little pieces that make up a family vacation with kids...

on the road

what is this thing?

the perfect landing place for ALL THE STUFF

their favorite activity

 When the gps tried to get us to kroger, we were literally on the side of a cliff, thinking "this can't be right." This is where we decided to turn around.

To preserve sanity, iphones and iPads definitely have a time and place during vacations.

 I want my own chair.

perfect fit

 love to sneak up on their guy talk



"What IS this?!"

dressed like a hiking pro

his reaction to any sort of surprise noise

sorry, you have to

weird sponge capsule dinosaurs

wish we could have seen sunset, but the east will work too


totally normal

his favorite game: out the door, in the door, out the door...

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Nana said...

How animated their faces are in this post! I've just been waiting to see pics from your vacation. I can't wait to see what kind of memories we make next week for the next edition of Summer Vacation 2015!

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