"It's been one of those years"...

Earlier this week, I was in a public meltdown situation (TWICE) when another mom has said something to the effect of "I've been there". To one I replied, "It's been one of those days" and she answered, "It's been one of those YEARS for us".  Her children were just turning 5 and 2. Exactly where we will be in 6 months.

I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Her family's entire year was hard? They sat on the bench together, eating their ice cream happily, no indication that it had been a year of tantrums and secretly looking forward to Nana Time so that they could gather their sanity back up and start fresh with their kids 24 hours later.

Has this been "One of those years" for us?  I think people outside our family would look at some statistics and say yes. And I have probably complained about 2015 a little more than usual because life has handed us a big pile of "Surprise! How will you deal with this one?" way too often. But it is not necessarily related to our kids.

In the moment...when tacky clear plastic Cinderella shoes go flying across the aisle at Target and I have to carry a 12 lb. dog food bag so my fit-throwing, shoeless girl can be confined to the cart because she WON'T WEAR ANY OTHER SHOES...it has been one of those years.

But at the end of every night, I look through pictures on my phone and see how fast they are growing up and have the split second crazy person thought of going downstairs and hanging out with them for a little longer. Matt and I will trade texts about our busybody Tasmanian Devil toddler destroying something and then send a video of him saying "Uh oh!" and all is erased.

I seem to have a parenting memory like a goldfish. Of course I give consequences and of course we go over expectations and different ways we could've handled the situation, but at the end of the day, they are 4.5 and 18 months old. If they go to the Dark Side in public, it is most likely our fault for adding on "one more stop" or taking them out to do something "fun" when it is their worst time of day.

As we head into the last part of 2015, I actually look back on this year as one of my favorites with my kids. Here is a little update on what they are up to these days...

Larkyn... you never know what's coming next. She is what many would describe as a "firecracker". She will chase around the cable guy, telling him stories and bringing him toys. And then refuse to milk a cow with the farmer because she is scared. There is never any rhyme or reason, but we often know that if it involves loud noises, she is out. She is having fun at preschool and especially enjoys having a "job" in the class. She is happy happy happy until she's NOT and then the world ends. She loves her iPad time, playgrounds, running around outside just generally being silly, carnival rides, and Starbucks cake pops. Car rides are a little easier now that we put the DVD players in and she doesn't ask us 157 times when we are going to get someplace. She says hilarious things like "The caterpillar wraps in a raccoon and becomes a butterfly" or "can you guys please whisBERG, my doll is trying to sleep."

Rhys...he is on the go, man. His favorite activities are dumping out the dog food container, putting random objects in the trash, and being outside as much as possible. He prefers no shoes and just a diaper, and his motto is "The dirtier, the better". He loves any kind of ball and pushing things (push toys, furniture, etc). He HATES diaper changes and sitting down for a meal. He'd rather be walking around with his food in a bowl than being strapped into a high chair. He is much more attached to us than Larkyn was, and screams when we drop him off somewhere. But he always settles for them and has a big smile when we return.

I love these two so much. They make the rest of 2015 bearable. 

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