The Guild House with kids

I put the question out there earlier in the week...where should we take the kids for breakfast on Saturday? I haven't reviewed in a while and wanted a new idea.

I got a lot of responses, but one sounded slightly "Are you crazy?" and slightly "That sounds amazing."  The Guild House, a Cameron Mitchell restaurant surrounded by lots of buzz in the past year, nestled in the ground floor of The Joseph Le Meridien Hotel.

I knew we would need to be on our A-game with behavior, but was up for the challenge of taking them to such a nice place. And their breakfast options sounded great for our family, so off we went to The Short North this morning.

Parking was easily found at the meters on the street. I love that we can use credit cards now!  Both my kids LOVE downtown, so they were happy to see the all the buses, cyclists, and even Segway tours.

We were happily greeted and taken to our table (no reservations were needed for breakfast) with a highchair ready to go. Our server, Desmond, took an interest in the kids and even caught Larkyn as she slid right off the (gorgeous) bucket seat. Good save.

He brought out our pecan roll first, so Rhys was happy. It was warm, not dry at all, and put everyone in a good mood.

My fresh squeezed orange juice was just what I hoped for, and my mom enjoyed her coffee. Larkyn of course loved Desmond for refilling her milk as needed. She's a milk junkie at this point.

While we waited for our food, we took a walk to the restroom, which was so pretty! I love when there is a private restroom instead of stalls, and I noticed a changing table and awesome Candle Lab lemon candle in there. On the way out, we got to see the food being prepped in the kitchen and took a look at the eclectic decor (and now I want a green glass chandelier).

The kids' scrambled eggs were brought out next, and those were devoured by both Larkyn and Rhys. Sometimes Rhys' eggs just end up on the floor, so it is safe to say he liked these.

Next, my mom's Eggs Benedict and my oatmeal came out. We ordered Larkyn a yogurt parfait but by the time it came, she was full. Not a problem, the rest of us ate it and enjoyed every bit of the bright, fresh berries and crunchy granola.

While we were there, Desmond checked in often and our beloved binky was picked up when tossed from the high chair. We felt welcomed with the kids and I would go back again for the pecan roll and juice (and maybe try an omelet...those looked fantastic.)  There is a full Kids' Menu with many choices that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy.

A little hint: If you cross the street and go West on Lincoln, you will run into Goodale Park in one block. Don't come all the way to the Short North and skip Goodale!

The Guild House
624 North High Street
Columbus OH 43215

Please call to see if reservations are recommended for your desired time.


Nana said...

Such a fun morning. I am having so much fun discovering CBus with you and the kids! Thanks for including me.

Steve said...

Thanks so much for the mention in your blog post. If you can give me your address, I would love to send you one of the Key Lime candles we have burning in the restrooms at The Guild House. We get so many compliments on those restroom candles so it's a great partnership for us.

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