The last weekend of summer

This was one for the books. A little of this, a little of that. Perfect weather, happy kids. Summer, I can't quit you.

 seeing minnows and ducks at Goodale with Nana
 Obsessing over lily pads
Her first rose from a street "vendor" shouting, "There goes Taylor Swift!"
I love Girls Night. Especially in the Short North, especially with Nutella, and always with this girl.
 Love, love, loving this unicorn whale at the Independents Day Fest
 Bursting with pride that our city is bringing forgotten and tattered parts of town back to life
 "Cheers"ing our popsicles. That's PB and J and Fresh Strawberry from Rime Time Pops. Amaze.
 Seeing art everywhere, even strung between two warehouses (and yes, that's a urinal).
 Her new favorite phrase: "You'll never catch me!"
 Introduction to graffiti
 A little custom hand-lettering by Cheer Up Press
It makes me happy just looking at it, and I love that it was made with love by a local artist.
 Playing and playing and playing in our backyard and realizing we didn't have s'mores all summer!
 What IS this magnificence?!
Of course this one was not cool with just having one. I had to hide the ingredients. 

Well, summer. I feel like I have said goodbye about 10 times now. But the calendar and meteorologists say it's for real this time. We sure loved you!

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