Weekend favorites

We had a really good week around here. I hope you did too!  These are some of the things we are excited about...

...Some new Clothe Ohio loot. Matt surprised me when I got home from my conference night this week with a new sweatshirt, because I live in my other one. We love that for every shirt sold, this company gives a shirt to someone in need.

...Booking our next little adventure. We have been to Hocking Hills by ourselves and with Larkyn, but never as a whole family. We are going to try one of the parks we haven't seen yet (we've been to Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls, and Ash...recommendations?) and stay in a new cabin. Thank you for all the suggestions!  We will do Indianapolis and Pittsburgh when they get older, for sure.

...New partnerships. I visited The Commissary this week, and I wish I took photos to show you. It is a unique space set aside for food makers (food truck owners, cooks/bakers who need more space) and collaboration. We are planning a special holiday event that we hope to share soon. Check out their website for a class you might love!

...Our next Little Adventures Await Meet-up is tomorrow at The Depot. Not the Home Depot, a real train depot that has been converted into an event center. The event is free and I can't wait to see the space! I hope to see you and your kids there.

...#winning. I randomly submitted a photo of Rhys to Columbus Parent and it won the Kid Pic of the Month. Look for the issue to be out on October 28th. He may or may not be available for autographs in between naps and hating his monkey costume. Just kidding, it is an honor.

...Speaking of that. We put the costumes on for the first time today for Boo at the Zoo. For some reason (or a million?) the kids were just in a terrible mood, but they did pull it together for the farm animals at the end. I REALLY want to have a farm birthday party for them, but can't find a place in Columbus. Please tell me you know of a farm for us? And Kate, you're a trooper. Thanks for not abandoning us!

...Turning passion into income. No, I'm not about make you join my pyramid scheme, but I have started taking family photos and I LOVE IT!  Last week was literally my first experience, but I had fun and am hoping to earn some Christmas cash.

...And, let's hear it for kids sleeping in because it's nice and warm in bed!


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