Annual trip to the Hills

We started our annual trip to Hocking Hills with our wedding on 11.18.12. From there, we took a summer trip with Larkyn, an anniversary trip by ourselves (well, Rhys was kicking away in there) and then this year, all four of us made the trip.

We chose a different cabin from previous trips because we needed one more bed. The new cabin was wide open and perfect for the kids to run around. There was a walkout basement to the hot tub, and one bedroom was down there. Matt, Rhys and I slept in the loft, as usual because it seems like every cabin EVER has a loft (not ideal for noise level with a sleeping baby, but cool).

I won't pretend it was all relaxing and refreshing, because we all know that vacationing with young children is fun but really just real life in a different setting. They got restless inside the cabin and in the car, but loved every minute in between those times. Next time, we are staying as close as we can to the caves (maybe IN the caves?!) to avoid the long car rides. And we will bring a lot more toys with us!  Some of our favorite moments...

Vacation food is always good. Lucky Charms > everything. 

All smiles until those jets come on, then it's all over.

 I tried bringing lots of quiet activities, but have come to the conclusion that my kids are not "quiet activity" kids. This lasted 46 seconds, max.

 We have a Pavlovian response to cabins. Cabins + cinnamon rolls and she knows it. 

Sunrise off the back deck.

 Thanks goodness for this pond...

 Throwing rocks is the besssssst.

 Refused her coat 97% of the time.

 Getting so big and I can't take it!

 We made it to one park (Ash Cave) and then our day out kind of fell apart when Verizon had no service to get us from cave to cave. Note to self...paper map. 

 I love Ash Cave because it can be as easy (like this) or as hard as you want it to be. You can take that staircase up to a ledge (dangerous without hand-holding) and go all the up to the top of the cave on a trail. Not today, kids.

 The largest recessed cave in Ohio. And some cute boys in it, too.

 I have pictures of Larkyn here 3 years ago, playing in this waterfall in the summer. 

 She's getting a little braver. 

 This face should have signaled "All done" for the day. 

 Buuuuuut, he was born to this mama who doesn't waste an entire day indoors. Love me some Christmas Treasures...

 "Oh, mom. This one's cute" (said 167 times). Love it.

 I put on her new hat and she went into mannequin mode. This was right before the cold rain.

 But that did not stop her from javelin-throwing cat tails into the pond and then seeing how they explode ALL OVER when they get wet. 

I'm gonna get ya...

All I wanted was a photo of the four of us. This was on our way out to head home, and Rhys and I weren't in the mood for real pants. So, PJs won and I got my photo. Self-timer for the win!

A few things about this new cabin (Hidden Hills): I LOVED that the property had a private pond and acres of privacy. It seemed brand new on the inside (photos on their site) and had the perfect amount of room. It was close to downtown Logan, so we could easily make a food run. It was also really well-priced. However, there were a lot of annoying little surprises here and there. No blankets (sheets and a quilt on the bed), wasps kept appearing, and there was nothing for baking (cookie sheets/pans), which is pretty standard. There was no manual of how to use anything (also usually standard) so we never made a fire, and no maps. Just little things that we have become accustomed to that make the trip a little more like home. Also, the front porch steps are SUPER dangerous and Rhys immediately face-planted the first time he tried them while we were unpacking. There are pros and cons to every cabin...this one will be perfect with a few more thoughtful touches.

I actually can't wait to go back. Do you have a favorite cabin in Hocking Hills?

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Nana said...

You have more guts than I ever did when you were this age. I love that you create these trips for them and their memories. I know it was your anniversary trip but I applaud you for taking the with you. In a few years, they will probably let you go without them!

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