Fall outtakes

Do you kind of feel like this has been the longest Fall ever? I love it, but it feels like we have been in the land of pumpkins and burlap decor for a little too long. I am taking it upon myself to politely begin ushering it out and busting out the twinkle lights and Nordic leggings (seriously) and getting the holidays ON!!

Here are some of my favorite Fall images to bring it to a close...


 My first time trying brussels sprouts. Life changing.

 Seeing this little man start to become more active

 Sweet girl picked this photo spot herself at Goodale Park. Good eye. 

 Throwing pennies in the pond at the Conservatory is highly entertaining.

 Our first school field trip together was to Lynd fruit farm to pick apples. 

 Rediscovering a part of town (where Columbus began, actually) in Franklinton at the ID fest

First donkey ride at Stratford. He's smitten.


 Miss. Those. Curls. 

 I finally got one to cooperate for a photo. 

 Making apple dumplings. We obviously kept these for ourselves. 

 Iiiiiiiii'm gonna squish you!

 He does this a lot. Maybe he is fashion-forward and lobbying for one-shouldered toddler boys' clothes.

 Nailed it.

 My favorite meal of Fall 2015.

 Rain made the Fall colors even brighter. 

 The last outdoor farmers market in our neighborhood and the walk back was gorgeous!

 He loves the fish!

 Hanging out with great grandpa, who only has eyes for her. 

My little witch. She sometimes struggles with what it means to grow up and behave, not ride in the stroller, meet expectations, etc. But she is still my heart. 


 And I call this guy my soul, the calmer side. Always looking up, always seeing what we have missed. 

 Well hey there, guy who just sloshed out half the Holy water on your face and pastor. 

 Really the only meal he will sit down and eat, City BBQ mac and cheese.

 Kate took this picture of Larkyn on Rhys' baptism day. She was a stinker during the service (like America's Funniest Home Videos worthy) but her outfit was on point. 

I never post selfies. But this was a good one, because Kate knows what she is doing. 

And with that, I am officially OUT on Fall pics. Bring on the Thanksgiving traditions and Christmas PJs!  Anyone else ready?

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Desiree said...

Not yet!! Fall isn't over yet!! I'm hanging on with my decor and my pumpkins are still out!

Although I'd be lying if I didn't say that I've got my eye on everything in the stores, plotting what I'm going to buy and put up the second the clock strikes midnight Thanksgiving night. :-)

Sofia and Andrea wore those witch costumes for Halloween. :-) I was thrilled that Target had a buy one get one half off; I sure did snatch those up; hooray for not having to make anything!

And OMG Rhys is getting so big!! This is what I miss about blogging and keeping up with everyone; it's like I blink and the kids are grown!!

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