Holidays at Franklin Park

We had the perfect excuse to avoid shopping today (besides, no childcare...taking both kids shopping? Nope.)  Franklin Park Conservatory kicked off their Merry and Bright holiday activities today, and it was actually warm enough to really enjoy playing outside and trying a few new things.

I have said it a million times before, but a membership to FPC is a fabulous gift idea for a family with young children. Their children's programming is fantastic and my kids love the freedom/safety of playing here.

Today's special event was rising a horse-drawn wagon to the brand new Wells Barn (which is amazing. Someone please have a wedding here.) to build gingerbread houses.

We looked around the Conservatory for a few minutes, but then made out way to the wagon line before it got super long.

The kids loved the short ride over, and I loved that it was free with our membership. The men who facilitated the ride were kind and helpful.

Then, gingerbread time! I was amazed at the organization of this undertaking. We used to build them in my classroom and it was way too hectic. Loved how they had everything portioned out and ready to go. The base of the house was already made, and a lovely staff member followed us with a tray to hold all our candy. Just a note, each house was $3.

I had no intention of Rhys building an actual house. He ate his graham crackers and we gave the rest of the supplies to the family next to us, as Larkyn got to work.

Usually royal icing does not taste very good, but she couldn't stop eating it must be good?

After our gingerbread construction, we explored the outside of Franklin Park on this perfect weather day.

I may have missed all the sales, but I'm not sure I really care...

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Nana said...

My heart melted just now and I'm dripping in tears. You are truly a wonderful mother who knows just what your children need. You give 110% on your fun filled family weekends. The photos are outstanding.

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