The unexpected on Halloween

If you refer to last year's Halloween rant (sorry), you can see why I wasn't shooting off confetti cannons and doing a happy dance as Halloween 2015 rolled around. I was kind of bracing myself for the drama that typically inevitable when you mix kids+candy+late bedtime+walking+costumes.

But guess what?  I was wrong!

This was our first time trick or treating in our neighborhood (it rained last year) and I was floored at the way our teeny community of 4 streets brought the house down on Halloween. Inflatables in the yards, movie projectors showing Halloween movies (and chairs for anyone who wanted to stop, tents serving hot chocolate, adults in full costumes, goodie bags, and just good old neighborhood fun.

It took a few minutes for Larkyn realize the drill, but once she did, she ran from house to house saying "Come on, let's go to the next haunted house". I was proud of her for using her manners and hanging in there for the night. Rhys was happy in the stroller with a Tootsie Pop the entire time. Miraculous. Although, he still never let me get a picture of him with the monkey head on.

We got so much candy, and the kids know exactly where it is. I am not sure when, but at some point, it is going to have to disappear because they ask for it as soon as they wake up.

Hope your Halloween was fun!

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Desiree said...

We were in Myrtle Beach for Halloween so we only trick or treated at the hotel, which was totally fine with me. I heard that the kids in our neighborhood got TONS of candy and as it is, I've been sneaking the candy the girls did get and I really just need to throw it out because it's making a nice muffin top for me.

Next year, we'll probably be home and I'm definitely doing the Switch Witch with the girls. I've never heard of it but it's brilliant: The kids give the Switch Witch their candy and she leaves a present in its place. I don't know how that's going to fit in with us since we don't do Santa and all that, but I love the idea of them giving up their candy for a toy or something.

I'm going to figure out some way to work that in there. :-)

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