Christmas Eve traditions

Christmas Eve is almost here! Many families will head out of town, but ours stays right here. I'm getting a little worried that our day will be a whole lot of staring at each other and stopping ourselves from opening up the presents. We honestly don't have many Christmas Eve traditions yet, but here are some I may start over the next few days (or years)...

And please share...what our your Christmas Eve traditions?

1. Driving around to see Christmas lights

2. Making a small batch of Spritz cookies (because they are AWESOME and look easy) for Santa

3. Making and sprinkling Reindeer Food  in the yard (and we may actually attract real deer!)

4. Making a bag of toys we don't need anymore for Santa to take to other children

5. Breakfast for dinner!  I feel like a genius for just figuring this out. The last thing I want to do is make a fancy dinner that everyone will refuse, so let's go all out on our favorite meal of the day. Check out these cute ideas to make it extra special.


6. Christmas Eve Package- Larkyn is obsessed with the packages that are arriving pretty frequently around here. And since I don't like doing gifts under the tree until Christmas Day, this is perfect. Fill the box with Christmas PJs, snacks, a new Christmas book and maybe a fun note. There are a million "Christmas Eve box" ideas on Pinterest for all age groups. And look at this cute book, The Pajama Elves to excite the kids about their new PJs!

7. Something as simple as a new pair of silly Christmas socks to wear around the house. We are famous for losing our socks on the daily,  so this is actually quite useful.

8. Special drink time! My kids won't touch hot chocolate (weird?), but maybe milk with a sprinkled rim while Matt and I have some cider and rum, winter sangria, or adult hot chocolate?

9. A Christmas Story. We do this one anyway and have for years. It goes on the TV at 8 pm Christmas Eve and stays on through Christmas. I used to have an aversion to it because my grandpa passed away while I was watching a marathon of it in his Hospice center. Now that I am over that, I can think happy thoughts about him while Randy stuffs his face with mashed potatoes and Ralphie gets his mouth washed with soap.

10. Dad's candle. We had it for Rhys' baptism and Thanksgiving, and I will certainly light it for one of my dad's favorite days for as long as I am alive. Maybe one year we can upgrade dad to a fancier candle.

A my search for ideas, I found something I am so excited to try next year. The traditional Elf on the Shelf drives me bonkers (if you do it--you are awesome--it's just not my thing). Check out this adorable idea that focuses on character-building Kindness Elves!

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