Excellent Books for Young Children

Some of my most vivid childhood memories revolve around literature. Going to the bookstore with my mom was the greatest reward, and I always knew I would find a huge stack of books under the Christmas tree (and in Easter baskets, on Valentines Day, etc.)  Larkyn and I never miss a bedtime story, no matter how tired I am. Reading to your child is THE most important activity you can do with them and is directly connected to their success in school


Being a kindergarten teacher, I know firsthand how a book can make or break read-aloud time.  Finding a quality book that can hook them in, make them laugh, make them think, or connect to their lives is so important. Yes, the Lego and Barbie books are better than no book at all, but your precious reading time with your children deserves the best. 

Some of these books I found through my graduate studies, many are childhood favorites, and most have been shared with me by fellow teachers over the years. I linked them all to amazon so that you can read the description there and order if you like. Or bonus points if you take a trip to your local bookstore and buy a copy from them. 

How do you choose an “excellent book?”  This article is a good guideline. My best advice is to actually read it before you buy it. So many are just not good. If it ends and you are thinking “What just happened?”, then your child will be just as confused.

Excellent Books for Young Children

(the ages are merely suggestions; children may enjoy them earlier or later than listed)


Ages 3-5

Ages 5-6

The 12 Days of Christmas (one of my favorite books of all time!)
Make way for Ducklings  (another favorite)
I'm Bored!  (students ask for an encore of this)
The Book with no Pictures (our school voted this #1 of the year)

Many of these foster good reading strategies and comprehension practice. Ask meaningful questions, like "Do you think you'd like green eggs?  What foods do you like?" or practice predicting. For instance, "How do you think Harry can show the kids he is really their dog?" "Do you think the animals will help the hen make her pizza?" Or compare and connect; "How are the Gingerbread Man and Girl similar?" "Does Old Bear remind you of another book we've read?"

Enjoy the book selection and please let me know some of your favorites!


Bethia Woolf said...

There are a few of the 3-5 age books that my under-2 year old really enjoys including The Snowy Day and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
Some of our other current favorites are:
your baby's first word will be dada
Maisy on the farm pop up book (and other maisy books)
The little blue truck
Each peach pear plum
Giraffes can't dance
Dear Zoo
Several other Karen Katz books - counting kisses and others in the baby series

My god daughter loved
The tiger who came for tea
the smartest giant in town
muncha muncha muncha

Schneider 4.0 said...

I think my all time favorite book is Imogene's Antlers by David Small. So much as I would have named a child Imogene. Great list Stacie!

children-learning-reading-review said...

all the shared books are very good for child read

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