Happy Kids/Happy Parents at Treehive Play Cafe

As soon as Larkyn was old enough to go to a play cafe, it became one of our favorite activities. There is something to be said about letting your child play without you and getting the chance to do adult things like read more than one page of a magazine or catch up with a friend. Kids try new toys, play cooperatively with new children and assert a bit of independence. I have found that meeting friends is so much easier and enjoyable when our children can play in a different setting and be supervised and entertained for a lovely hour or two.

We were always fans of Lattes and Lollipops, which changed owners and has recently reopened as Treehive. An old friend (and new mama of two!) met up one night to try it out.

I felt right at home with the warm ambience and the grown-up feeling of the cafe. The dim lighting, the way the chairs are set up to help different groups chat and relax, and the tidy feel of the whole space just lets parents breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

The kids were signed in and we began a tab. You can see the most updated pricing here. They sanitized their hands, took off their shoes, and gleefully entered the playroom. The "coaches" inside were cheerful and interactive with the kids, and I enjoyed reading about them on the coaches wall. I was impressed by their education and love of children.

While the big kids played in the playroom, we ordered some snacks and had some much-needed coffee and newborn-cuddling time. Yes, coffee at 7 pm. #holidayswithkids

The owner, Beth, came to introduce herself and made us feel right at home. They even asked what kind of music we'd like (and I of course picked Christmas). Our Stauf's coffee was really good (free refills!), the hummus plate was enormous and hit the spot. Our friends got the PB and J dinner and it was all eaten. My picky girl chose a few snacks from the case because she doesn't stop moving long enough to eat a meal if playing is a choice. Two thumbs up for a big cup of milk, goldfish, and an applesauce pouch!  Another time, I will try the soup selections. Doesn't the menu look great?

Besides the regular playroom options, Treehive also offers Drop and Go for kids who are potty-trained, yoga classes, Stroller Strides fitness classes, and holiday events. We had Larkyn's second birthday in this space, and there is a very good chance we will have her fifth here as well!

It may seem strange to go to a play cafe at night. My first instinct is that it is too hard. But really, it was a great break from trying to prep dinner while the kids go bonkers. We all got home, fed, tired, and crawled into bed. Give it a try!  We will definitely be back to Treehive soon.

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