Last Minute gift ideas

My parents were infamous for standing in line at Meijer (the closet store to my childhood home) at midnight on Christmas Eve, carts full of gifts. They would stay up til 2 AM wrapping and I never knew the difference. Now that I am a parent, I get it. We are getting down to the wire and you probably have someone on your list who still needs a gift. 

Thank God for Amazon. 

If you are struggling with gift ideas for your family, I thought I might share some of my favorites this year. Some are local, some are not. All can be shipped quickly, ordered online, or picked up without hassle and hopefully are a hit with your loved ones:


Train table: Both my daughter and son like playing with trains, but they end up all over the house. I am so excited to give this to them and promote imaginary play!

Teepee or tent: I am dying over the teepee my mom got for Larkyn. It makes one more special space in our house, where she can stow books and hang out peacefully, taking the place of her nursery rocker and bringing a little “big girl” cred to her room. Petal will not be opening back up till Spring, but check out some affordable options here or I've even seen them at Hobby Lobby (and you can use a coupon!)
Onesies at Swoonful/Wholly Craft If you have friends with a new baby, try these places for unique and hip onesies. Pair it with a cute knitted hat and you are set!
Mp3 player/speaker: If your kids are having a hard time falling asleep or are resisting bed time, try this set-up (and avoid buying an iPod and dock). We downloaded her favorite songs and have it on repeat all night. And now that it is Christmas, we have it tuned to the local Christmas radio station. We also take this on vacation to help her sleep in a new place. 
Swim lessons at Goldfish: I have posted about Goldfish a few times, so you already know we love it. As the weather (kind of) turns cold, count this as a great way to get some exercise!
Dance lessons/leotard/ballet slippers: Nothing sweeter than little girls (and boys) on the stage! Check out your local studio or rec center to sign up and see what kind of clothes they need. 
Playhouse:  Back to imaginary play, this house can be used inside this winter and then taken outside for the summer. Grandparents and aunties can add on the pretend food!
Hunter Boots: This may be the best $50 we ever spent. Her boots fit for 2 years, and she chose them over all other shoes almost daily. Waterproof boots for puddle-jumpers? Yes please!


Silicon wedding band: If your husband works out or has a physical job like mine, this can take the place of his gold band during his outings. And if it gets lost, not as big of a deal.
NBA or NHL tickets: What a great way to spend time together, people watch, and have a day trip to watch his favorite team. gift card: You can print or send it via email. This is Matt’s favorite “store” by far. 
Dollar Shave Club: I always hear that men’s razors are expensive and a pain for him to buy all the time. This club lets you pick your quality and frequency and you can cancel at any time. 


Goodmakery personalized gifts: We went to Goodmakery for the first time over the weekend and it was so cool! Have your kids write their name or make a design on the screen and it will be printed on the gift of your choice (jewelry box, ornament, tie clip, flash drive, flask, wallet, picture frame, etc.) Make an appointment and when your appointment is over, you can take your gift home with you. 
Columbus Food/Brew Adventures tour ticket: Feel free to get me this gift any time. Just kidding? There are tours for everyone, from coffee lovers to dessert, Alt eats for the adventurous parents, or exploring specific neighborhoods like the Short North. 
Dine Originals gift card: I was so excited to find these. If your parents prefer local, independent restaurants, then this is perfect. The printable gift certificates are good at 50 Columbus restaurants. 
Chatbooks subscription to your books: My mom loves looking through my Chatbooks when she comes over, so I added a subscription for her. Now each time I receive a book, so does she. And her first order was all 17 of my books on her doorstep!
Food basket from World Market, Trader Joe’s, Weilands, Huffman’s or The Hills Market: I think this is my favorite gift to make and to receive. Throw in some handmade ornaments and a nice gift card, and there you go!


Succulents: I love the look of plants, but kill them all. I am discovering how adorable and low maintenance succulents can be. Look at THESE in the cute up-cycled containers!!
Infinity Scarves: Always a good gift for your favorite girls. Plaid is of course the way to go this season, but a textured neutral one will work with anything she has. Francesca’s is my favorite place to walk in and pick up a few scarves (they are always on sale, don't pay full price).
Planner: It is kind of a personal choice, but I absolutely love my planner from Target (and it is a great deal!) Can't wait to get mine for 2016. 
Sharpie set: Women love colored fine tip Sharpies. That is all.
Chatbooks gift card: If she hasn’t already subscribed, get her started with her first book (they’re only $8 apiece!)
Dine Originals deck: For $20, you can give her a deck of 52 cards with different offers from the Dine Originals restaurants.
Gift card or play pass to a play café: The limiting factor to us going to a play café all the time is the cost. For $25, you could give mom and the kids a fabulous gift! There is one in each area of the city now, so you have lots of choices.
Delivery from Rogue bakery: This is amazing. For $6, you could have cookies delivered to her door. Best mail day ever.


Schneider 4.0 said...

I did Dollar Shave Club for hubby last year and we're doing it this year for his dad! Also, we just found Love With Food (subscription service). $7.99+/month for a box of natural and/or organic snacks. For each box purchased they donate a meal to a food bank. Bonus.

I sooooo want the chatbooks. I may have to gift that to myself :)

Great list friend. Am I too late for our annual "this is what I wanted to buy you" email? :)

Nana said...

I agree with Schneider 4.0....great list! I don't know how you find time to find all these exciting things for us to explore! Can't wait to see what is under the tree this year:)

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