December traditions

December is here, December is here! I’d ride through the streets of Columbus on horseback with a bullhorn to share my excitement, but that would be annoying. And I don’t have a horse, so…here I am to tell you why I love December so much.

Growing up as an only child (brother and sister lived states away with their own children when I was little), the holidays were full of close-knit traditions that were a patchwork of other people’s traditions. We are a social family…people were always over or we were out and about. 

 Check out those antlers. "I'm a Lazarus Dear"!

Some of my favorite moments in life can be traced back to December.  Because my children are so little, we don’t really have many traditions yet. As we strolled through our neighborhood tree lighting, the memories started up…

…Getting all dressed up to go downtown to Lazarus. In the dark, fluorescent-filled basement, there was a talking tree who entertained generations of kids.

The gorgeous dresses at La Jeune Mariee

…And after talking to the tree, we were escorted through an array of gift choices in the Secret Santa shop to pick out a treasure for our parents. Shoe shine kits and ring holders for the win!

…Making a Christmas list as soon as the temperature dropped below 50 degrees. I asked for an art supply set every year, and it never appeared. Tragic.

…Making red and green paper chains (aka: the BEST THING EVER)

A letterpressed ornament at Igloo Letterpress

…Dad setting up the tree and meticulously lighting it, then mom and I decorating it.

The much-anticipated, long-awaited tree lighting

…Everything about the Nutcracker. Wearing a fancy dress to go watch the ballet with my mom, being a Russian Dancer in our school Nutcracker play (definitely my highlight of 4th grade)

…Baking cookies out of my mom’s tattered Berry Crocker Cooky Book (and now I want chocolate crinkles)

With a Sassafras cinnamon roll 

…Begging my mom to buy eggnog, trying it once a year, and hating it.

…Time spent with our neighbors. Icing cookies with the Robisons, Kinderkey caroling, and exchanging presents with Kate about 10 days before Christmas because we were too impatient.

checking out the Christmas trains in the Denig Jewelers window

…We did not belong to a church, but I remember going once to a Christmas Eve service and thinking it was the most beautiful night I’d ever seen. My dad let me stand on the bench to see the hymns. 

her preferred method of travel whenever we walk on High Street

…Wrapping all the presents for my dad. I don’t think he ever wrapped one present (he was way too “manly” for such a job). 

too cool for frolicking

…In school, it seemed that every read aloud, worksheet, and song turned to Christmas. And I loved every little dot-to-dot and brass brad reindeer we ever made. 

…The 8 hour trip to Charlotte, filled with reading my new books and annoying my parents with “what rhymes with” games and 12456 questions

the best way to travel in during the holidays

…Helping my dad hang lights outside and being horrified when we transitioned from the awesome big colored lights to the more refined white twinkle lights. 

We hung out across the street from the tree-lighting crowd. We had this forest to ourselves.

…Just the general feeling of magic and believing. 

What are your favorite December memories? And before you go, perhaps thinking we had an idyllic and unbelievable night, I'll leave you with this. #Believe.

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Anna Quinn said...

Love it - I have so many similar memories, and you were right, the last two photos made the blog entry real!

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