Cambridge Tea House with Kids

Oh, this little tea house has such a special place in my heart. My friend Julie and I have many memories here, starting when I was pretty expectant with Larkyn, and then for my first Mothers Day (when she was 3 weeks old!)

Whenever January rolls around, I feel Cambridge Tea House calling my name ("warm tea! Scones! Pretty and colorful decor!")  So for Julie's birthday this year, I thought I would try bringing Larkyn along. Just shy of age 5, she is doing pretty well in restaurants, and I felt like she was the perfect age to handle and enjoy it. Of course, I forgot my camera that day, but was lucky enough to use Julie's new phone (thanks). 

We always make online reservations with Cambridge, but they are not required. I have seen many people come in expecting to be seated and politely offered a later time because the restaurant fills quickly. It sits right on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Cambridge Avenue, and has a lot or on-street parking. 

It is a small part of the little shopping center, and very intimate. You can reserve parts of it for small showers or have a candlelight dinner once a month with your favorite person (Happy Valentines Day!)  It is a bright, cheerful space and I just love all the pops of red!

The staff is welcoming to children, and made Larkyn's LIFE by offering a tiara from the tray as soon as we were seated.

Let's talk about food. First, you will want to order your tea, and this can be done by the cup or by the small/large pot. I adore their black vanilla tea and share a large pot with 2 other adults. Of course, there are kid-friendly drinks that come in the fanciest of cups (or a plastic, lidded cup, but do you really think she went for that?)

When you enter, there is a chalkboard where they have written daily specials. There, you'll find out which scones, quiches, casseroles, and desserts are featured. This time, we opted for the afternoon tea, which has 3 sandwiches, 3 desserts, a scone to share, and a pot of tea. I love their chicken salad, so we doubled those and Julie added a tomato soup.


And because I looked forward to this meal like a bear just out of hibernation, I also ordered the sausage casserole and fruit cup. The casserole always fills me up for the day and balances all the delicious sweets. The cherry chocolate chip scone is one of my favorites, but really I'm just in it for the clotted cream. Oh yes, I forgot that it comes with two slices of sweet bread (lemon and pumpkin). Ladies, wear your leggings. 

You can see that Larkyn had an order of scrambled eggs (that came with pumpkin bread and a fruit cup). She did a great job eating it, so it must have been good. Their "Prince and Princess Tea" features peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, or egg salad sandwiches with sides. She isn't a sandwich fan yet, so I was pleased that they let me just order the eggs. And, can we talk about that fruit cup?! This is not your standard honeydew and cantaloupe afterthought, this gorgeous!

I go and check out every restroom we visit, and am the one who will document a really amazing bathroom. This is one of my favorites, and it is all set up for changing babies. If you have a child who is terrified of automatic toilets, you'll be happy to know that theirs is not. Bonus points. 

I like how we can take our time without feeling rushed at Cambridge. The food has remained absolutely consistent over the last 5 years that I have gone once or twice a year. If you have a little princess (or prince!) in your life, this would make a really special lunch date. Even better, bring Nana along to celebrate. I would recommend bringing them when they are tiny enough to sleep in a carrier or about age 4, but it seems that they welcome any age and you know your child best. 

The best part of spending this day with my mom, my daughter, and a best friend...welcoming baby Audrey to the Cambridge scene! 

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Keith and Julie said...

How is that black vanilla tea soooo good?!? Love visiting this place with you... and the littlest ones in our lives.

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