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My friends, all my breakfast dreams came true this weekend. I've been wanting to go on a Columbus Food Adventures tour for a while now, but hadn't pulled the trigger. I was fortunate enough to receive a gift certificate as a Christmas present from my class, and I couldn't wait to try some new places in Columbus.

If you struggle (like I do) with picking out a restaurant because you want to try ALL of them, this is perfect for you. Someone else does the driving, cooking, and cleaning, and you are just along for the ride!  My friend Jill and I met the group at the Columbus Aquatics Center in Victorian Village, and our tour guide Nick Dekker was there to greet us. 

The brand new van was roomy and Nick pointed out various points of interest on our drive to Ethyl and Tank (That's the new van outside one of our stops).

Ethyl and Tank

Once inside, he gave us an idea of how the day would go and told us a little about Ethyl and Tank. The restaurant was inspired by old filling stations, the "Ethyl" side for filling us with coffee and caffeine, and the "Tank" side for alcohol. 

Right off the bat, I tried something new: My first Bloody Mary. They use a housemade mix and arrange a whole bar full of toppings, including spices, vegetables, and even bacon. 

Our breakfast was amazing...chicken and waffles (which is literally my two favorite foods put together), corned beef (pulled, not cubed), and some potatoes.

I was already satisfied with this generous portion of goodness, but I needed my morning coffee! The caramel latte was inexpensive and just what I needed (drinks are on your own). 

Buckeye Donuts

We loaded back into the van to make the quick drive up High Street to Buckeye Donuts. Buckeye has been in business since 1969 and has truly grown with Columbus. It is now in it's third generation, and proud owner Jimmy was happy to tell us the history. He also glazed a few donuts for our enjoyment.

The baker (who was hilarious) told us all about the process, the most popular flavors, and how he experiments with new flavors all the time. They are open 24/7 and never close. Ever!  So, he has lots of time to develop fun new recipes. Look at all the choices! We love the cream-filled chocolate iced.

I have taken Larkyn to Buckeye, and we loved the vibrant feel and the familiar comfort of the food. In addition to donuts, they have a full kitchen menu complete with gyros. This stop was the most fun and the one that really showed, without a doubt, how much they love their business. 

Kolache Republic

We made our way to German Village to try the Eastern European specialty of Kolache Republic. Matt's grandma makes the Slovak version, and these Czech kolaches are a little different. Basically, they are made of bread similar to Hawaiian sweet bread and filled with sweet or savory fillings. 

We learned a little bit about the history of the food and how their style has a Southern influence (from Texas, surprisingly). Jill tried the Chorizo, I tried egg and hash brown, and then we got to try their most popular flavor, blueberry cream cheese. 

These were filling and rich, and they would be portable for a meal on the go. The space is bright and inviting, and they have the perfect corner location on Front and Frankfort. 

The Market Italian Village

From German Village, we headed North again, to Italian Village. Right on the corner of Summit and 3rd Street, we stopped at The Market Italian Village. I was floored when I saw the inside. It is so much bigger and more beautiful than you would ever imagine as you drive past. 

The front and back are seating areas for meals. Around the perimeter, there are unique goods and wines. We found everything from pastas to prosecco jelly, wooden flight boards to ginger beer. There is a pizza oven and a meat section in the back, and a bakery case up front. 

Our meal at The Market was my favorite of the day. It was just so different and felt somewhat healthy, so maybe my body just appreciated it!  We had a breakfast hash of scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts, served with housemade sausage. Ooooh I can't wait to have it again. 

Fox in the Snow

Fox in the Snow is one of my favorite places in Columbus, so I was excited to be ending the tour at a place that I knew would bring it home!  I have seen the owners each time we have visited, but it was cool to hear Lauren and Jeff speak about their journey toward their dream and their amazing success story. This place was a former masonry building with a dirt floor, and now it is a bustling, bright space. 

Before the tour, I did not know that they only use natural ingredients and leave out most things that aren't butter, flour, sugar, eggs, salt and baking soda. That means it is healthy, right?  I was so thankful for the samples because I always order the same things when I go. I tried the apple pop tart (which was crunchy and perfect in every way) and then bought my favorite pecan roll to take home. I also love their egg sandwich, filled donut, and cinnamon rolls. 

If you are looking for a new favorite to try this winter, head to Fox in the Snow. You will love everything and never want to leave. 

This was the end of our tour, and as we drove back, I could tell that everyone in the van was already planning their next tour. I'd like to try the brunch or coffee tour next. OR the taco truck...or desserts. If you are looking for the perfect gift for anyone, this is it (Hello, Valentines Day!) You can buy tickets online and print them.

Thanks, Columbus Food Adventures and Nick!  We will be back for sure. 

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Nana said...

Wow! This is certainly something I would like to try! Everything looked wonderful and I have never been to any of these places! Thanks for the tour via your photos~will have to try the real thing next!

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