We took a parents-only trip to Cleveland and had Baileys shakes. I repeat: Baileys. Shakes.

I had a pity party as I finished up Larkyn's valentines (aka: working mom guilt). And yes, she signed her own name 15 times (aka: teacher's kid).

We took some walks through the cemetery to the creek, which is probably not a creek at all, but runoff. Oh WELL, it is picturesque runoff.

Rhys finally got the fever we knew was coming every February. And we got our first try at Rhys + Augmentin. It = vomit, if you are wondering.

We took a trip to the courthouse for the sentencing of the man responsible for the accident in July. It was hard. Losing a loved one is the worst thing on earth, and adding a second family and the justice system magnified it about 1000%. It would take an entire post that I am a little too mentally exhausted to write.

We had some girl time that went off without a hitch until I set the self-timer and Larkyn had a nervous breakdown when I came running into the frame. NBD, that's why we have 2 kids; just grab a different one!

We took a road trip to Yellow Springs, founded as a utopian society and filled with masterful park benches and crocheted skull electrical poles. Oh, he sees a motorcycle.

We sold our first batch of shirts to raise money for my dad's favorite charity, Honor Flight Columbus. They are TOO CUTE and I hope you got one! If not, I hope you can get one next time around.

And finally, we had a fun morning at the Conservatory. I will be sad the day that they get bored going there, because every weekend brings free (if you're a member) and fabulous programming. And the occasional OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE PHOTO moments.

I started writing for two blogs, Ohio.org and Columbus Moms Blog (not launched yet). My posts will go live in March. Both are useful blogs for parents in the area who are looking for stuff to do as a family.

I finally got a new phone to replace my shattered iPhone 5. Now that my fingerprints are successfully worn off, I can live a life of crime!

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