Just the 2 of us (for 24 hours)

Over the weekend, Matt and I had our first time away from both kids for an overnight trip to Cleveland. I got him Cavs tickets for Christmas, and we were hoping to see a big win from King James against the Celtics. Although that didn't happen (last SECOND shot from the Celtics won it!!), we still had fun.  I left my camera at home because it drives Matt crazy, but here are a few shots from the weekend...

 This was our hotel!  I saw it in a picture and knew I had to go. It used to be an old mall ("arcade"), but now the Hyatt has taken over and the form storefronts are the gym, spa, gift shop, restaurant, and suites. It was perfection.

Our view; the old library. Behind that, you could see the lake. 

I am so glad I am always in charge of dining decisions. We headed down a few blocks to Stonetown for some amazing chicken, red velvet waffles, the BEST grits in the world, and some catfish. 

 Yeah, selfies with an enormous scoreboard behind you= not the best. But that scoreboard? When it got really excited, it folded out and FLAMES shot out of it. 

Here we go...

This is when the crowd pretty much thought the game was over. Ha. Too many fouls lost us the game!

 If you are going to a Cavs game, I would really recommend our hotel (Hyatt at the Arcade) or something very nearby. The walkway from our door to the area looked like this. Cleveland is really cleaning up, so take note!

 The next morning, Matt slept in and I went to find breakfast. 

 And maybe a few cool signs. 

 Found it. This coffee shop across the street reminded me a lot of the shops I love in Columbus. That latte and scone were just what I needed. But I knew Matt would want something big and sweet and over the top. The shop owner told me how to get to the closest grocery store...

 HELLO HEINEN'S. This grocery store is in a gorgeous 1900's bank building, and everyone is just lucky I ever came out of there. It was amazing. 

 Back to the hotel for a few candid moments with my architectural BFF.

 Ever tiled a bathroom?  What about an entire hotel?

 When I eventually got back to the room, we decided to check out and go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Matt knows way more about music than I do, but I still wanted to see it. 

 All in all, he's just another brick in the wall. But he's my brick. (Pink Floyd exhibit)

Pretty cool building. It was such a pretty day for February!

 My favorite exhibit was the Herb Ritts area. He took fabulous portraits of musicians throughout the years, and I really liked finding recognizable photos and looking at his composition. 

There was a big screen playing Elvis performances, and it actually gave me chills to see how many people just sat in fascination. Say what you will about his lifestyle and how it ended, but he really changed music and was quite the showman.

You know that glove. 

That IS Lady Gaga's meat dress. Like, sent to a taxidermist, sprayed with chemicals, and voila. Yum.

 Our car was parked on the 6th street pier, so our last stop was walking out on the water, trying to see Canada, and heading home.

But not before one last selfie!

We had so much fun on our quick trip and we can't wait to do it again. What do you like to do in Cleveland?

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Claire @ Refining Bliss said...

I had no idea they turned that mall into a hotel! Looks like a great trip!

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