Mama and Mini Galentines Day Brunch

I'll take any excuse for a party, especially when it involves my good friends and their little girls. Larkyn and I tried to plan the party together, and it turned out pretty cute!

Each one of my friends brought some items to share, so our menu went something like this:

We had a small group of girlies, plus one gentleman of the house, who really doesn't care if everything is pink and tutus, as long as he gets a 'nack.  First up after everyone took off their snowy boots and cuddly!

I let the berries sit in a bit of sugar overnight and it made a huge difference. 

Jill's amazing cinnamon rolls balanced with Julie's savory asparagus and bacon quiches and the cheese and crackers that Mara brought. 

Hi, sprinkle face.

Both of mine tried to just take the middle bowl for themselves, like "oh no thanks on the rest, this is my snack mix right here..."

So, sprinkled glass rims are so easy and were the surprise hit of the party. Which is good, because you are about to see 40 of them in April...


After we ate (and ate), we moved on to some crafting. We had some ideas about tulle butterflies and cork love bugs, and some of that occurred. But mostly, just general creativity happened and that's just perfect. Have at it, girls. Rhys disappeared with the blue marker to make anatomy flashcards for Matt.

Time for visiting...

Sorry, Eva, but over your head, I'd like to point out the amazing mimosa juice Mara picked up from Trader Joe's: Orange, mango, peach. HELLO.

One partygoer had a major meltdown caused by the self-timer on my camera that prevented her from being in the picture (the horror!). So, I grabbed her little brother instead. Other than that, it was a simple, drama-free party that I hope to repeat many times. Happy Valentines Day, ladies!

One more sprinkled-rim photo for good measure. 


Nana said...

The start of something big!!!! Looks like everyone was having a great time!

Julie Hallas said...

It was a fabulous time with the "gals". Thanks, friend.

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