St. Patrick's Day Parade

We didn't really go to parades as I was growing up, but I am making up for it now with my own kiddos because I LOVE them. Larkyn is a little more apprehensive than Rhys, who would be IN the parade if he could. Firetrucks, dogs (check out that Irish Wolfhound below!), and bubbles?! His dream come true.

We had so much fun at the Dublin Saint Patrick's Day parade this morning. We set up a shady spot with my friend from school, met up with our friends at the Dublin CVB, and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day. The performers and floats were fun, and it wasn't as noisy (for sensitive ears) as other parades we've watched. 

The extra special part was participating in the ribbon-cutting for the first Irish Fairy Doors Trail in America. Dublin CVB was kind enough to give us a door, and we can't wait to follow the trail and fill our passports. 

Check out the parade next year...hopefully the weather will be a repeat performance!


Nana said...

What a perfect day for the parade! I can remember it snowing on any given Dublin parade!!! Sorry to have missed it but you have beautiful photos to remind us of the day! And, that dog...beautiful!

Drew Watts said...

Amazing Parade. Thanks for sharing photographs. I saw festival parade at one of venues in Los Angeles. It was very first time when I attended a fun parade like that. Really had a great time there and would love to participate in future.

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