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I never know where to being with birthday posts. I feel like birthdays put the year in perspective; it's such a good time to look back at all the pictures and consequently cry your eyes out.

Two years ago, I was holding my Rhys Christopher after a night of an unsuccessful induction. He just didn't want to come out and I had technically been in labor for two weeks ("unproductive labor", yayyyyy). Finally, FINALLY, I got to hold the baby who completed my life.

That sounds little trite...our missing piece and whatnot. But truly, his arrival centered my life. I was already a mother, but knew I wanted another child. When Rhys was placed in my arms, it was with many tears and I just knew that he is where life would begin for me.

I was so in love, but also a little nervous about bringing up a boy. I had zero experience.

As he turns two, he is starting to have a mind of his own. Meaning, he will take his shoes off anywhere and chuck them (bowling alley, backwards onto the dashboard of my car). I caught him sneaking a "pancake" (cupcake) today from underneath the glass dome. Sweets are his jam, and it should be noted that he ate the cupcake and the wrapper pictured below.

His speech has exploded, and he chatters his way through the day...all day. He wakes up saying "DADDY!" and probably says it 150 times throughout the day. It can be attached to anything; "Daddy truck", "Daddy sleep", or in response to anything that I do that he doesn't like ("Daaaaddddyy!" In a nutshell, the kid is crazy for his dad.

He loves firetrucks, diggers, and running around. On the playground, he's not really into one particular thing like big sis, but just runs/skips from one place to the next, helping me get my cardio.

Speaking of Larkyn, two years into this gig and they still love each other. He runs after her and calls her "Wokky". He bonks her on the head with trucks, and she takes every bath toy from him in the tub. True love.

He does have his moments if he is overtired or confined for too long. We get the maniacal laughter and boneless body when you try to pick him up. But all in all, he is such a sweet boy. He says "bless you", "thank you", give hugs and kisses, and says "I wuwoo" at night.

Not a day goes by when I don't wish my dad was still here to enjoy him. He would sit and shake his head and always asked "Where's my boy?"

To my forever baby, I love you so much. Love, mommy.


Bethia Woolf said...

Happy Birthday Rhys. Love the shirt (where's it from?)
Great photos!

Nana said...

Beautiful words, beautiful pictures, beautiful baby boy. We wuv you!

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