Sprinkles! A party for boys AND girls...

Because the kids' birthdays are so close together (and mine in between), we combine parties to simplify and go out all at the same time. One location, all our friends, alllll the sprinkles. In trying to pick a theme that they would both enjoy, I had to look no further than our pantry!

I wanted to use as many local sources as possible, so I contacted Meredith of Auburn and Ivory Creative. She brought my invitation idea to life! I found the colors I liked and she was able to match them so that when I printed anywhere (Staples, work, home), they would come out the same tone. I will say, though, teal was NOT an easy color to work with and I would not suggest it to anyone concerned with matching party items. Because it never does.

I ordered a one pound bag of sprinkles from nuts.com, which was easy. But the day before the party, I found the exact same colors at GFS. When you add in the shipping I spent from nuts.com, it came out about the same. We used the bag for party snacks AND decor!

cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby

Food was very easy:  Taco bar (because tacos are Larkyn's favorite food and it is very cost-effective to feed a crowd. My mother in law brought approximately a billion toppings, I made taco meat, shredded chicken (with taco seasoning). I used food labels also from Meredith and only labeled items that needed explaining. My mom made fruit kabobs, which are a party favorite around here. Easy for portioning, safe with the coffee stirrer instead of a sharp stick.

Something I learned as a Sterno first-timer: Heat your food at home and light the Sterno to maintain. Our food took forever to heat through.

On to my favorite part: all the sprinkles!! I kept it simple by only dipping pretzels and Oreos. Again, teal was hard to mix up, but I was happy with the shade I got with Wilton Candy Melts.  When I dip pretzels, I heat the melts in a tall mug to help with coating. And my talented friend made these amazing and gorgeous sugar cookies. Thanks, Andrea!  

For the cakes, I was lucky enough to find Sunflower Sweets on Facebook, and she duplicated the cake pins I sent her. The cakes looked exactly how I wanted, the price was right, and most importantly, they tasted awesome. It was hard to find a bakery who would do 3 layers in such a small cake (6"), but she did it!  We got the number sparklers at Wholly Craft, and although the kids were a little unsure of them at first, we all thought they were cool. Some people warned me that they would spew black ash on the cake, but they didn't at all, and they were under control the whole time. 

 I rented one of the cake stands from Smidge and Pinch, which matched one I already had. 

I didn't go overboard with decor this year, renting our traditional balloon jars from Smidge and Pinch and making my own little sprinkle jars with baby food jars, sprinkles, and mini chalkboards from the Target Dollar Spot. 

inside the bin are our chatbooks from the last year and two books for guests to sign.

But our favorite part of the whole party is obviously our friends and family who come visit. I think this was my favorite party yet, because the kids are a little bit older and self-sufficiant, I am finding ways to simplify party planning, and I truly enjoy catching up with these mamas as we watch our kiddos run around like maniacs for 2 hours. 

I regret nothing about the location of our party at Firefly Play Cafe. We have had parties at two other play cafes, and this was by far the easiest. It is centrally located for our guests (and super close for us), the space is bright and inviting for kids of all ages, and I just adore the staff. They went above and beyond my expectations for flexibility, helping me set up, clean up, and never making me feel like we were a nuisance.

At home, Larkyn said it was the "best birthday ever" and I totally agree!  To see parties from the past, check here


Theresa said...

Great party! Completely agree with your 'teal' statement, lol! Also, we are always happy to offer bulk sprinkles we have pounds and pounds in the back room.

Nana said...

What a great party! You did an amazing job, planning every little detail! It was perfect!

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