Yellow Springs, Part 2

After seeing photos of our February trip to Yellow Springs, my friend Kate wanted to come with us next time. It doesn't take much to talk us in to a road trip, so off we set on a Tuesday in March!  This time, we were determined to go to Glen Helen (well I was, not sure about the other 2/3 of my crew) and to try some Yellow Springs pizza (it's a thing).

Thankfully, Glen Helen was open. The parking situation is a little weird. It is an honor system of $2 that you drop in a money-collecting contraption. As we neared the park entrance on foot, I have never been so relieved to be sans stroller in my life. There is no WAY you are doing this park with a stroller, and with a young toddler, it is going to be a challenge with approximately 2000000 steps down into the ravine.

Perfect for adventurous preschoolers and up...Kate would say not perfect if you have knee trouble. So, in general, just use caution on who you bring to Glen Helen and know that there is a paved walkway (but you're not going to see much).

We thought the boardwalks were cool, and my best advice to you is to get a map and really study it before you set off. We were headed in the wrong direction to see the waterfall for an embarrassing amount of time.

I'll let the photos tell the story of Glen Helen...

After we climbed back out, we were beyond ready for lunch. Kate had scoped out the choices for us, and we were headed to Bentino's for some pizza and calzones. Quick tip: Bentino's is adjacent to Subway on Xenia Ave. and right across from Haha Pizza. For someone who is not easily impressed by pizza and calzones, I was blown away. Like, I wanted to drive back for more later that night. I got pepperoni and green pepper, Kate got cheese, and Larkyn got cheese pizza. She usually doesn't eat much when we go out, but she loved her pizza. We will definitely be back!

We made a quick trip through downtown, this time stopping at Dark Star books. I was impressed by their selection of kids' books. Whomever is in charge of selecting them knows what they are doing! We went in a few stores in King's Courtyard, and wanted to leave time for ice cream at Young's on the way out of town. FINALLY, we got some!  We have gone twice to find the line literally out the door. I got the buckeye sundae, and it was freaking amazing. 

My suggestion is to go to YS on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Some things may not be open, so check carefully before you go. Take a good friend who will play Name That Tune of 90's country music in the car, that helps too. Hope you get to try it soon!
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