Fare and Square: Dinner's Ready!

We were generously given the opportunity to try out the brand new Columbus-based meal delivery service, Fare and Square. I was blown away at the thoughtfulness that went into this company, started by mom-boss Crystal Files. She has basically given Columbus moms (or anyone!) the gift of time. And amazing food, obviously.

First, a little background on why this was such a good fit for our family in particular. First, I am a working mom of two and my husband works the night-shift, leaving evenings and weekends for grocery shopping and cooking. We still make time for both, but there are just some nights when preparing a meal with kids is nothing like a Norman Rockwell painting, but more like a circus act that's not funny. Everyone ends up grumpy, and in our house, we usually end up eating cereal and yogurt in the end. I needed help.

Crystal recognized this need and developed her brand along with Chef Chad DeVault. Meals are priced at $25 for 2, $35 for 4, and $42 for 6 servings. Delivery is included and there is no minimum order. Also--all meals are nut-free and there is always a vegetarian option on the weekly menu. They are delivered on Sundays, meaning you can start the week with a stocked fridge or have a few meals on-hand for the busier nights.

Not sure if you caught that key phrase: on-hand.  You don't get a box with 17 separately bagged ingredients that leave you with a 45 minute meal-prep and a sink full of pans (and tears). You get those beautiful ready-made cartons shown above.

When my meals were delivered, I was happy to see biodegradable packaging labeled with the name and reheating instructions for each dish. My favorite part? "Microwave method preferred". No heating up the house with your oven or stove, just put the cardboard try in the microwave, cook for 2-4 minutes, and you are good to go.

Now, let's get to the good part; the food!

First up, we tried the pasta bolognese. The noodles were thick and herbed, the sauce was rich and meaty (as bolognese should be!), and it was definitely my picky husband's favorite. Simply remove the shredded mozzarella container and sprinkle it on after heating. My daughter tried a little of it, but thought it was "too spicy". That's OK, more for daddy.

Next, the pork tenderloin. This was hands-down my favorite meal of the entire week (including restaurant visits and carry-out!) I can't ever get tenderloin right at home, and this is just perfect. The peach sauce is sweet and tangy, and tastes amazing over the pork and the mashed potatoes. Let's talk about these potatoes for a moment. They are chive whipped potatoes and they will change your life. We ate this dish with the charred broccoli, which I loved. I would definitely recommend this as your first dish to order from Fare and Square.

Last up, the salmon. My mom, husband, and I love salmon, but always dry it out at home. It comes with a dijon sauce, but unfortunately my mom and I don't care for mustard. Matt liked it so much that he used two containers of it. I read that Chef DeVault wants to try a lemon butter sauce, which sounds awesome. The serving size is surprisingly hefty, and when paired with the balsamic green beans and herbed redskin potatoes (and some sauvignon blanc!), it makes a really nice dinner.

One of the best parts of my Mother's Day weekend was never having to figure out dinner plans. I don't consider it lazy, I consider it as prioritizing. And when I get home from work, I'd rather spend the extra time playing with the kids outside or unwinding together. We will definitely order additional meals in the future, and also keep in mind they have gift cards. What an amazing group gift to give to a new mama!

And for you, I have a special coupon code for $10 off your first order: BUYTIME


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