Our April

April usually brings the promise of warmer weather and outdoor activities. Well, we got the full array of Ohio weather this April, from blazing hot to wet and dreary snow. We had the chance to do some fun things in Columbus, and we can't wait for the weather to just stick for good!

The month began with the Sprinkles birthday party--leading to some major sugar comas and approximately one billion sprinkles all over Firefly and our house.

Our last field trip as a preschooler! We went to Inniswoods Metro Park, which Larkyn loves. She also loves her BFF here and will miss her when they go off to different kindergartens.

Spring flowers began to bloom, which are my favorite. Nothing beats the blossoms that take care of themselves and bring the promise of spring (these are from our quince bush/tree)...

We went out for a night walk through the Short North with our friends. These girls totally know how to find a good photo wall. 

Kindergarten Night!!  We don't know a soul at her school, so I think I was more awkward than she was. I am excited for her to go to such an established and well-respected (public) school, but can't believe the time for kindergarten is already here. 

Annnnd the weather continues to go from one extreme to the next!  We went to our first Instameet in downtown Columbus, rode the CBUS and learned to take our own photos...

Like this one (taken by Larkyn) and 87 photos of trees. 

And then we were shirtless with ice cream. We thought we were welcoming warm weather for good that night, with ice cream and the amazing bubble machine.

Nope, long sleeves again for our first neighborhood walk. They could throw pebbles into the creek all day.

She wants to know the names and smell each new flower she sees.  She doesn't know yet that all I do is kill them.

Ahhhh, lilac. It's so pretty and smells great from afar. But have you ever had some in a vase? MAN, that smell is strong! 

My dad's memory stone has been out by our tree in the back since Christmas. I like to think he is sort of with us as we enjoy so many hours back there. 

We were way late in seeing the Conservatory's Spring Showcase, and it was actually raining this day. But Larkyn reeeeaally wanted to go outside and see them (I swear!) 

She has learned some photo posing from somewhere?? I normally try to just get the kids exploring candidly, but she asks for specific backgrounds and does some funny Lifetouch poses now.

LOVE this room of the Conservatory!

They had zoo animals on the last day of April. Rhys wanted to see and touch all of them, and I actually think he was going to kiss the chameleon. 

How can I not end with this one? I can't wait for more outdoor time with my crew! There is so much to see and do in Columbus, and the countdown is on for summer...

Also-- I think it is worth noting that every activity here was FREE. Obviously the birthday party was the opposite of free and was their birthday present, but we try our best to experience as much as we can without breaking the bank. What are your favorite free ideas?


Nana said...

What a beautiful photo description of April. Every photo told a story. Thank you for sharing these memories with us.

Erica said...

I love the pictures and the ideas! How do you visit the Conservatory for free?

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