10 Backyard Adventures

I am not really a homebody, but we usually stay home after nap time at our house. Now that we are home for the summer, I wanted a list of activities that would not require driving or an admission fee and would keep the kids busy for longer than two minutes. Enjoy these easy and fun ideas...

5. Toy Car Wash (or wash dolls or bikes)

8. The Hula Hoop target game (you could throw anything through it, really)

9. Squirt the letter (or use numbers OR extend by using sight words or math equations)

10. Sponge Toss (so easy!)

Of course, the power of letting them explore and do whatever they want is priceless!  Make sure to give them plenty of time to be bored--discover something--and find that they're really not bored at all. This happens to our favorite idea of all.

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