A letter to my oldest

To my daughter on our first night of summer,

Yay! We finally made it to the day we've been talking about since spring break. This year, you've expressed "I missded you so much" more than ever, and I feel the same way. Preschool was fun for you, but you haven't quite gotten to that age where you really LOVE going to school yet (I hope it comes soon). You'd much rather be exploring with mommy or relaxing with daddy. Can you believe all the cool things we found last night? Wild strawberries, a snake, and the water was so high!

This summer, I hope you continue to love the outdoors. I hope we get over our public restroom anxiety and I am so proud of you for not being afraid of the pool anymore. I know bugs will be an issue, but they will be a pain your whole life. You just have to ignore them, remember?

You are an amazing scooter-rider, my girl. I hope we get to work on your bike skills this summer. Maybe we will get involved in some sort of class, but probably not. Mommy is not into routines and we tend to get into something a little different every day.

I know it might get annoying to share your time with Rhys. It is hard to take him places these days because he is a wild man, but you step up your game when he gets tricky. Maybe we will try new fresh food this summer. We really have to get better with our fruits and veggies (all of us).

I hope you make some new friends this summer. We have to get to know a few kids from your school this summer, even if I don't know their mommies yet. Maybe there is another girl just like you who loves swinging and Play Doh and cookies.

Most of all, I look forward to our family vacation to the beach. It is where my heart lives, and nothing feels better than coming back to your heart every summer. You are making memories there just like I did.

Here to summer...your last summer before you start school!  Love you.


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Nana said...

Bond On...keep exploring!

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