Cbus Arts Fest: Activities Village

We just got home from an amazing Arts Fest and I wanted to write a brief post about the family area (Activities Village) so that you and your families can give it a try this weekend.

The Activities Village is open for kids of all ages from 11 AM to 6 PM. It is located directly between COSI and the riverfront, and we found it easy to park at COSI and walk through/around.

There are about 16 (judging by the map) different tents set up with some really engaging activities. We couldn't do all of them, but it is definitely doable if you are patient and you arrive early. Most activities are FREE, but some have a fee for certain parts (adding a frame, etc.)

Here is a little of what you can expect. I hope you are able to get out and experience it!

Making a letterpress print with Igloo Letterpress. She loved this one!

Her finished piece, which I show in detail below. 

Making a jingle bell instrument with Musicologie. 

Decorating a cookie ($2) and playing with/cutting out fondant shapes with Cupcake Fantasy.

We didn't participate in this make and take with Wine and Canvas, but it looked fun!

Making paper to add to the giant paper sculpture with Cobenick Studios. 

And oil pastels and watercolors at Art with Anna. Rhys loved painting!

Don't forget to get a treasure map. If you collect stickers from five tents, you can pick a coin from the treasure box and use it for a prize. 

Mara, my amazing other pair of hands when I have the stroller and a cranky Rhys.

And of course, my favorite part: The riverfront!  Another day, we might go back to walk across the bridge and experience the rest of the festival, but this was just enough for Rhys (and it started to rain). What a fun day!

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