Never have we Ever (in Cbus)

I decided not to post a list of things we have done, but instead focus on events and places that would be brand new to us this summer. I'd love your expertise on these and I hope they inspire you too!

1. Been to the Scioto Audubon
Come on now, this has been on my list forever. Sandbox, nature center, downtown location. No excuses this summer. 

2. Eaten at Tommy's Diner
We are big diner fans and this is the elusive one on our list. Have you been? What's good?

3. Been to Zoombezi Bay
Of course, back when it was Wyandot Lake, I spent a lot of time there. But as a parent, nope. Is it crazy? Will I be able to enjoy the lazy river or will I need therapy after this trip that is a little out of our comfort zone??

4. Spent a day in Powell
We are coming for you, Storge, Whit's, and Splashpad! And we've heard that Local Roots has an awesome patio equipped with little tabletop toy boxes...

5. Picnicked at the Topiary Garden
I have with 100 students, but not yet my own kiddos. Can't wait to show them this beauty and let them run wild. 

6. Been to the Arts Festival
With the impressive kids' area this year, if the weather is right, we are going!  What a great way to explore the riverfront, experience art, and get some food truck action all at once. 

7. Taken an art class, come to think of it. 
I am ashamed to say that we've never created art together in a formal setting. Where have you done art activities with your kids outside your home?

8. Watched a movie outside
My kids have an early bedtime and aren't those "fall asleep anywhere kids", so this one might be a stretch. Columbus Commons, The Scioto Mile, and Easton have movie nights we might try.

9. Played putt-putt
I am really trying to instill good sportsmanship into my daughter, who hates to "lose". This could go down in flames but I remember it being my favorite family date night with my parents. 

10. Visited the bison at Battle Darby Creek Metro Park
I am so afraid we will drive all the way there and not be able to see them. Luckily, it appears that they have a great nature center, just in case that happens. 

11. Shopped at Lucky's Market
I love shopping at smaller markets and if it is anything like Trader Joe's, the kids and I could spend a day in there. 

12. Been to the Ohio History Museum
Well, outside of my 5th grade field trip. Is it fun for the littlest friends or more for older kids? 

13. Day-tripped to Lancaster 
To see the Aha! Museum of course. Is there a Lancaster lunch spot you'd suggest?

14. Day-tripped to Granville
I do have a resident bestie who will be our tour guide one day this summer (thanks, Alyson!) and I can't wait to see the adorable little town of Granville. 

15. Picked blueberries
I'm afraid with the awful weekend weather patterns, we might miss out on strawberry season, but blueberries might be a good alternative. Even if the only person who eats them is daddy. Calling all blueberry recipe experts...what do you make that isn't too tart?

So there it is. What we haven't done and what you could help us plan. I promise we will take pictures and give all the details in return for your two cents. Where have I missed!?  What must we see before summer flies by?


Rebecca Liu said...

We just went to the scioto Audubon on Thursday! It's beautiful! The nicest people greet you at the door. Story time time was adorable. There is an indoor play place if it's rainy or hot. Plenty to explore close to the building, wetlands, river, sandbox, birds, birds, birds! You can "hike" down to the playground where there is a shaded picnic area. I wish we would have packed a lunch!! There is also a misting machine to cool off with! I loved it and my girls didn't want to leave!

Rebecca Liu said...

I was so excited about the Audubon I forgot about tommys! They have the best pepperoni pizza!!!! My husband always orders the Italian sub! We eat tommys A LOT during football season!!!

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