Strawberry time!

I quickly attach myself to traditions, and if I don't get to do something one year, I get a little cranky. This year, we allllllmost missed picking strawberries due to the weather. I didn't realize farmers close the fields pretty soon after a rain because the berries will rot very quickly and none will ripen. They need hot, BRIGHT sun, and we haven't really had that. Check out a list of Cbus farms here.

But anyway, after several phone calls and website checks, Eryn and I met each other at Hann Farms. The picking was actually great, and if we weren't distracted by our wild toddlers, us girls would have brought home a lot more berries! The kids had a blast, and when we combined our berries with a quart of pre-picked, we had the perfect amount to make a few recipes this year. 

We made Strawberry Freezer Jam and Shortcake Drop Biscuits. I cut the jam sugar down to 1/2 cup!

Wash and slice the U-pick berries the minute you get home...otherwise they will rot in front of your eyes!

Both of them actually did a great job selecting ripe berries.

But literally as I snapped this photo, he was preparing to dump the bucket. And he did.

Last year, he ate a ton of them. This year, not so much. Because it's not coated in sugar, I suppose?

Sharing their haul.

The boys were especially interested in the chickens...

But not as much into photos. Still fun though:)

I think he'd love to have chickens in the back yard. Sorry, bud.

Picking is hard work, and it's a long drive home (with an MM face because the market sells candy, of course)

So perfect!  I chopped this quart up and froze them right away to put on top of anything (cereal, in muffins, on pancakes, shortcakes, etc.)

Helping me make freezer jam. Super easy and fun for my helper.

Isn't it pretty?!  I didn't expect it to be so bright. 

And my favorite summer dessert!

Are you making anything fun with berries this summer? You can see our other strawberry picking posts here and here.  And some of our favorite recipes HERE. Enjoy!

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