Summer: Week 3

I can't stop and do the math or I'm going to get a little panicky. Summer is going by too quickly! We had another packed week, just how we like it. A few times, we stayed at home during the day and tried going out at night. Fail. We all go bonkers in our house and need outside stimulation, we go!

Brinner with Kate
When a bestie brings brunch for dinner at your house, you know she's a keeper. And we provided the Prosecco and berries again, so I think that makes us keepers too.

Velvet Ice cream visit
Ice cream + playgrounds + nana time = win

The Works Museum visit
I have to say, Newark surprised me! I'd like to go back and explore another day. The Tyke Lab inside The Works was so perfect for my little ones, and the train on the way out was the icing on the cake. If there is ONE perk to a best friend living out of town, I guess this is it;)

Creative Babes + Dinner
I took a little leap for some grown-up time to join the ladies of Creative Babes, an informal organization that meets to inspire and connect Columbus women. We met at the beautiful upstairs room of Copious and listened to a keynote speaker. This event tipped me over the point I've been at for a while with this blog. It is time to attempt making a living off of it, and at the encouragement of my creative friends, I am giving it a try with advertisers. Fingers crossed and time to hustle harder.

But first, food. Fried chicken and fruit-infused water. Mara went a little healthier. YOLO.

Powell Festival
Well, this was one of those events that started out fun and went down in epic flames. Why, WHY do we go to a free festival and pay $10 per child for bouncy houses?  I hated parting with that $20, but the kids loved it. And I loved the ingenious, free sunscreen dispensers provided by Ohio Health. Great idea. Not a great idea--letting your emotional daughter take a run through the splash pad with her clothes, and then having her meltdown that she can't take off all her clothes and that she's now wet (when you confirmed earlier that this would be the case). Oh, the screams...

I'll do a follow-up on pollination later this summer, but what a FUN afternoon at Franklin Park Conservatory. This event was outside in the Community Garden, which is one of my favorite spots at FPC. We learned all about the importance of pollinators (bees, butterflies, birds, bats) with community organizations. We came home with a bag full of activities and crafts AND we got the try the ebelskiver truck! All the heart eyes for that baby...

Grandview Hop + Meeting JENI!!
Time for moms night out with my friend, Katie! We started the evening off with the Jeni's in Clintonville because Jeni (THE Jeni) would be there serving peach sundaes!  We split one, which was sweet, tart, and amazing. And then she walked in like a dream and I was a quietly awkward fan girl. After a short conversation about cold-poaching with my new BFF Jeni, we left and I did a parking lot dance, while we both regretted not getting a photo with her. Whoops.

Off to The Grandview Hop for a little walking, sipping, and patio-ing. We had dinner and the "Year of Yes" flight at Vino Vino (an old favorite), popsicles from Cody of Rime Time Pops, and ended the night at Spagio. The Grandview Hop is great for people-watching!

Blogger meet-up at The Little Gym
Eryn, of organized a mommy and me event at The Little Gym so that our kids could give the gym a try and we could make a canvas painting together. We also sampled some muffins from Gotta Eat Muffins, which were amazing. The kids LOVED the gym and they're running a camp special that ends on Friday ($23/day for camp, if you buy 3, you get the 4th free!)

Topiary Park
This will have a whole separate post to introduce you to the gorgeous downtown park, but it's a beauty. Of course, all energy was spent trying to make sure Rhys didn't run straight into the pond (it is pretty from a distance, but super easy to fall into and soooo dirty). Nana, Mara and Maggie joined us for a picnic and a mini Mama and daughter photo session.

This weekend will be interesting. Last year, we spent this weekend watching fireworks from the Trauma ICU family room with the families of the most critically ill and injured patients in the entire hospital. This year, we hope to ease back into society with some fireworks and family time. What are your plans?

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