Summer: Week One

On this 614 Day (if you're not local, 614 is our area code and today is a bit of a holiday around here), we are celebrating one week of summer. We had a good mix of exploring Columbus as well as staying home in our own backyard. The weather has been incredible this first week of our summer together, so we have taken advantage of as much outdoor time as possible!

Trip to Grandma's (German Village)
We went to see grandma's new place, a little closer to the park (and Jeni's!) and an amazing backyard. Our picnic from Brown Bag Deli was soooo good, especially the sweet potato chips.

Columbus Zoo
We hadn't seen the baby polar bear yet, and it was the first day for the baby Amur tigers to be on display. It was fun to meet up with Katie and Keegan and ride the carousel together (She still loves it this year:)

Strawberry picking (Hann Farm, Obetz)
We met up with Eryn and her kids to get some buckets of our favorite summer fruit!

Columbus Arts Festival (downtown)
We had so much fun with Mara and Maggie down at the beautiful riverfront. The kids' activities were awesome, and if Rhys hadn't been under the weather, we would have stayed all day.

Instameet at Franklin Park Conservatory
Larkyn loves any one on one time we can get, so I took her down for a photowalk with other local photographers. We had never seen this section of the park, and it was so gorgeous during Golden Hour! She took many of her own photos and recovered from a nasty skinned knee without too much drama (guess which picture that was...)

Outdoor play at home
For Matt's birthday, we picked out a patio set to go under the gazebo he put up for Mother's Day. We have spent so much time out there already, and after watching lots of news on Sunday, it was a welcome respite.

Stratford Farm story time (Delaware)
We headed up to our favorite farm this morning, along with about 100 other families (no joke). We ended up skipping the story time part because there were so many people we couldn't see anything. Which was fine, because we got time in an uncrowded barn and found some friends of ours there too. I would suggest going on a weekday for a self-guided tour of the farm rather than a scheduled activity (unless there is a participant limit). The staff did a wonderful job accommodating all the surprise guests!

(the farmer started up the tractor)

What's up next? This week is all about daddy. It is his birthday on Thursday and then Father's Day. We waited too long to find any place to stay out of town, so I am not exactly sure of our plans. The weather is supposed to continue being awesome!  Don't forget about our Father's Day Guide to help you with ideas for gifts and activities....


Maureen said...

Love the pic of the tractor starting!

Melissa @ Made by Melissa Lee said...

Wow, what a busy week! How do you have so much energy?? Great post and photos, as always!

Nana said...

Beautiful post and photos. So inviting to enjoy the sights with you.

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