Summer: Week Two

This past week brought the "real" summer weather we knew we would eventually have (90s, humidity), but we found lots of ways to stay busy and meet up with friends and family. I am loving the explosion in Rhys' language that goes along with all of this. He looks at the photos and strings sweet little sentences together like "Oh yummy shmellow" and "Wocky spwash" (Wocky= Larky).

Hilliard's Station Splash pad
We met our friends Mo and Declan and my mom in Hilliard to try out this new splash pad. We loved it! My mom was nice enough to walk to Local Cantina and bring back dinner to eat on the park patio (Can all the new Mexican places please carry Americano tacos like Local?!) I do wish the whole park was gated, but was impressed with the number of times Rhys went running (as two year old boys do) and someone was always ready to get him if I wasn't far behind. It takes a village, I tell ya. I don't take my eyes off him for a second, but when he gets the inkling to run, he's off!

Grange Audubon Center
Read about our full visit here, but the shortened version is: You should go. 

Old Dublin Mercato/Kiwanis Park
What a fun little farmer's market! A local family sets up in an alley right in Old Dublin, selling everything from gorgeous flowers to amazing focaccia and unbelievable Italian desserts. They had fresh strawberries, Prosecco, pasta sauce, pretty much everything we needed for a full day of eating.

Afterwards, we walked down the hill to East Riverview Street, which led us to the opening of the Kiwanis Park. This is a steep, but paved path that leads you to the Scioto river and a beautiful view. There is even a gazebo for picnics. I hope you can go find it! If you look online, there are two Dublin Kiwanis parks, one on the other side of the river. This one is accessed by walking East from Old Dublin

Father's Day
I knew the day would be bittersweet, as it was my first without my own father. But we made new memories together that day. We took a trip to Highbanks, visiting the playground and the river of course. Matt showed Larkyn how to skip stones, and Rhys tried lifting the heaviest rocks he could find. I realized as I was watching the father-daughter duo that there was one time when my dad brought me to Highbanks for a girl scout daddy/daughter activity. His job was so demanding that he never got to do anything else like that with me, so that has stayed with me for years. Kids remember.

That escalated quickly. 

We had a little impromptu cookout, just the way my dad (and Matt!) have always liked to end Father's day. Try throwing frozen berries in your Prosecco next time. Boom! And hooray for kids eating vegetables. Yes, you may have more corn. You can have a FIELD of corn, my dear. 

Welcoming Summer at home
We had the first s'mores of the season, thanks to Kate dropping off a little care package for me on Father's Day. The gesture warmed my heart, yes, but the excitement Larkyn had for this activity was off the CHARTS. If you need them, this child will make all the s'mores

Someone needs to go to bed...

We started the week with the world's worst haircut. Well, maybe not in the world. But it was pretty terrible, and I was so upset to lose my shaggy dude. Cookie Cutters fixed us up, even though we were evacuated to the parking lot because of a nearby gas leak. He was terrified of the clippers, but she shaped it up beautifully. Theresa for the win!

"Mom, take my picture too." (shirtless, courtesy of water table shenanigans).

Also, it was Matt's birthday! Kate made us a FANTASTIC cookie cake that was generously sized and gone within 3 days. We got daddy some new shoes, a Cavs hat and shirt (which were obviously good luck), and the patio furniture all as one big birthday/Father's Day gift bonanza.

COSI Big Machines
Read about our full visit here. Go quickly, because it ends on Sunday!

Both kids woke up super early and grumpy today, so we stayed close to home and discovered an awesome little park. We've passed it many times on 161 and I noticed the shade (so RARE on playgrounds!) In addition to the playground, there is a nature preserve behind it, which gives just the right amount of exercise for little ones to explore without getting exhausted. The history of the Moses Wright Homestead is pretty cool, and we even found a deer family on our walk!

Summer is moving right along. Every week brings some old favorites, some brand new, meeting up with friends, and time with my kiddos. I am so grateful to have my summer off with them!  What was your favorite thing you did this week?

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Melissa @Made by Melissa Lee said...

Never knew about the East Granville Park and we live so close! Just one of the many reasons I enjoy reading your blog. I'm always learning about new things to do around here! Thanks for the great idea once again :)

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