Getting there is half the fun

We've done quite a few road trips with the kids, but our annual trip to Bald Head Island is my favorite. Though it is the longest and involves several modes of transportation, getting there truly is an adventure that is not for the faint of heart. Take coffee and have a glass of sangria and cookies ready when you arrive.

We left with my mom on Saturday morning, driving to my sister's house to stay overnight. It is a little out of the way but I always like to rest there and see other family before we head out the coast. The cousins only see each other once a year, but when they do, they have a great time. Every time we leave there, my heart hurts a little.

Everything was fine on the 9 hour ride; much improved from our Chicago screamathon in March. Of course, we didn't have Peppa Pig DVDs on that trip.

After our overnight in Charlotte, we headed out. I drove this part of the trip by myself with the kids and it was actually the easiest four hours. I think it was because it was from 12-4, so NAPS for all. Oh, I love iPads and DVD players (thanks Jill) for lulling them to sleep on the road. It was SO hard not to stop at the billion peach orchards on the way and get some while the kids slept. I actually still regret it.

When we made it to Deep Point Marina, where we catch the ferry to Bald Head Island, we had some mixed emotions. Some of us were excited to see the boat. Some of us were not (loud noises).

With some encouraging words from our family, who met us there, we got over it (sort of). It was nice to see old friends who have relocated to the area, and share our cold Hardee's entrees while we tried to keep the boys from climbing into the harbor.

Nothing like a little walk along the dock to take our minds off of the impending loud ferry arrival.

Guess who rides inside with Nana and who wants to be out with me?

Thirty minutes and one gorgeous sunset later, and we are on the island. Get ready for beach photography overload. Sorry?

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Nana said...

Already it seems like a month ago that we were at Bald Head. I left my heart in Bald Head again...

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