Goodbye, July!

I can't believe that in 2 weeks, I will be back to work. Because we are shifting our school year to match the colleges that moved to semesters, we will start/end earlier, but this first "early start" made for a very short summer break. Anyway, I am still getting over the fact that we aren't at the beach but am readjusting to life in Cbus!

Shale Hollow Preserve
One morning, I was dying to get out and explore and Larkyn wanted to go grocery shopping with Matt (?) So, we headed to Shale Hollow, a shady nature preserve in Orange Township. Parking is easy, the trails are short, and it is a short walk to some great creek stompin'. I would not recommend taking kids up to the higher trail, and there is a warning sign as well. What a perfect, perfect morning for this mama and her boy. I love this playful sign...

The Little Gym
I am happy to be teaming up with The Little Gym this fall! I have mentioned how the kids have loved visiting for an event and then trying out the camp this summer. It will be fun to show you how our classes go and what you can expect from them. Bottom line for me: it makes my kids smile and brings confidence. Look at that fabulous 2 on 1 kid-wrangling move right there...

Shaker Square Park
I've been looking for a new "neighborhood" playground for us after I swore off Selby playground's proximity to the street (PLEASE add a fence!) In researching for our Toddler List a few weeks ago, I found Shaker Square, which is off of Olentangy River Road and 161. I struck gold!

Tons of shade, a well-stocked Little Free Library (Harry Potter, kids!), swings, picnic tables, a nice play structure, and NO STREET access. Rhys never once tried to get away, and if he did, he would have to run through back yards, which were almost all fenced. When can we move in?

Powell Street Market
Oh, craft shows. I'll never get sick of you. But this one was my favorite so far: outside, enough room to walk and browse, food trucks, and stores to stop in and out of for a little AC break. And pony rides and princesses. My mom, Larkyn and I can't wait to go back to the next one on September 11th!

Matt was lucky enough to get one of these hats. I want one next! Which Good River hat do you like?

Sock Hop Soda Shop has THE most entertaining staff/owners. And the brownie sundae was amazing.

One more piece to add to her gallery wall in her room. Our other print from Glitteracy is the donuts, and I have to say that Larkyn and Chelsea totttttally hit it off, so we will be back for more!

Princesses from The Glass Slipper. No big deal. 

And gearing up for a trip to the Smoky Mountains!
Literally within the first hours of us (kids and I) arriving home from the beach last week, Matt said he really needed a vacation. He couldn't come with us because of his state nursing class he was taking this semester and his first clinicals. But, he takes his finals SOON and off we go before school starts for us girls.

I looked for about 24 hours straight for a place in Michigan, but we were too late for that. Our second choice was Gatlinburg, but this time with a pool. I got cabin fever (ha!) on our last trip because we stayed so far away from everything and there wasn't much to do for free and, TOURIST TRAPS.  Tourist traps aside, the wildlife is brilliant and there really is a lot to explore there. Like moonshine distilleries. This is a throwback to my favorite picture from last year's trip. Moment of silence for those baby curls.

What are you into this August?  And if you haven't subscribed to our Adventures Planner, go ahead and do it now so you have lots of fun ideas for August!

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