Millions of Peaches

You win if you remember that weird little song from the 90's.

Anyway, who loves them!?  I do, I do! The only kind of cooking/baking I get excited about is seasonal, and peaches are the taste of July. I got 25 pounds of them from The Peach Truck today and wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to use them. I know you don't come here for recipes, but remember that creating in the kitchen with kids is a fabulous way to spend time together, so it technically is an adventure.

Peach yogurt parfait
This is my favorite summer breakfast. Sliced peaches + honey yogurt + granola. Eat and repeat.

This one brings me right back to my mom's kitchen. The smell of it is amazing, and it is good served hot and even better the next morning served cold. The peaches and cream with cinnamon? Boom. (also one of my very first blog posts six years ago. Hi, red font that refuses to change!)

Grilled Peaches
So easy. Bobby's recipe is the best, and you can top them with ice cream and pecans for dessert!

Sparkling peach sangria
This is a fun, easy crowd-pleaser. I usually omit the Triple Sec because I don't want to buy it, and it is still good! And with sangria, the rule at our house is anything goes. So add whatever fruit you want.


Peach Blueberry crisp
This combo is amazing. It's one of the only ways I'll eat blueberries. It is good hot with ice cream, or cold as you sneak bites out of the fridge for the next 24 hours. And then you and your husband blame each other for the empty dish.

Peach pecan salad
Oh man. A salad I actually like. I make this one a lot with apples, and now am excited to try it with peaches! And I actually add bacon to mine, which really balances it out. You can use any tangy vinegarette or make the simple dressing she lists.


Sugar Cookie Peach Cobbler
I trust Caroline's taste, and everything she makes looks amazing. This is her mom's recipe and the first thing on my husband's "please try" list. Do you follow her blog for reviews and recipes? You should!

Peach Syrup 
Use it in lemonade, iced tea, or put it on your ice cream and pancakes.

Peach ice cubes
Another way to flavor your drinks or infuse your water.


  • If you bought a ton of peaches like me, you'll probably want to freeze them ASAP. Here is a great tutorial for that.

  • And if you missed The Peach Truck, check out local peach orchards for some picking fun. In Central Ohio we have: Branstool or Legend Hills. Always call first to confirm they have peaches that day!

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