Summer: Week 4 AND 5

Whoops, about that week number four... Summer is getting real, friends! What did you guys do this week? Are you trying some new things?

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Food Truck Food Court at the Commons
I know, I just posted about food trucks. But here is where we got to try all of them! Get there early and ride the carousel (trade your $1 for a token to ride) and be ready when the food trucks open at 11:00. I literally think of this Paddy Wagon sandwich every day, and I can't wait to reunite with it. I also love that there are ways to keep the kids entertained while waiting in line!

sometimes we like to act like tourists

Play time with Julie
It was hard for me to give away Larkyn's baby clothes, but when I see them on Julie's babies, I get all warm and fuzzy inside. Oh, to play in a yard without dog poop is such a luxury, and she even made the dinner. I am spoiled by and grateful for good friends.

Red White and Boom
I thought Larkyn would love the sight, but not sound of fireworks. So with a little help from our loving friend Mara, we set up a viewing for her (and my mom) as the four of us ladies watched it from Mara's parent's in the Short North. Of course, a little walk in her favorite part of town was included. Thanks Mara--it may have been my favorite 4th of July activity on record! Nothing like seeing your child witness something awesome for the first time.

New playgrounds and carryout breakfast
In an effort to find parks close to home, we checked out Linworth Community Park. But first, we stopped at The Hills Market for a chocolate chip pancake breakfast. $5 for 2 big pancakes, sausage, and coffee!  Larkyn liked the new playground, but like everywhere else we go, Rhys had no interest in the equipment (except for this slide ONE time) and just wanted to run as far away as he could. What is this? Is this a phase or a boy thing? I don't like it, and Larkyn has always been very playground-motivated. Never once thought to run from me. Advice is welcome.

July 4th
The weather was unpredictable at best and I wasn't feeling the need to force the kids to watch a parade this time when neither of them like parades. So...their favorite thing to do is take a walk. We had 3 family cookouts and to pretty good at throwing together burgers, brats, and patriotic desserts.

Slate Run Metro Park
My friend Leigh and I took the kids to a story time on the farm (with The Little Red Hen). Rhys had never been to Slate Run, but Larkyn and I came for maple syrup tapping, and she loved it. The sweet farm ladies read the story, gave some background info on the farm, and the kids were invited to come try some bread in the farm house (to go along with the story). However, Rhys was OUT of the story time after page 2 and just wanted to take a self-guided tour of the farm. He was in heaven, running around place to place, the only thing slowing him down were a few bee stings.

You thought I was going to sit for a story?

My kids + buckets and water = hours of entertainment

New favorite game, making' it rain with straw.

Dublin Slider Challenge
We love supporting the city where I grew up and where I teach whenever we can, so I happily accepted tickets to the slider challenge (hosted by Dublin CVB). Five of the historic district restaurants served up a unique slider, and we got to vote on the winner. There is little more that I love than a food tasting (I'm not kidding, can it be a job?), and Larkyn and my mom joined in too. We loved our first stop (Mezzo) the most. My first time with short ribs and NOT my last. We walked around Old Dublin trying each and doing some kid activities in between. Of course, you can't really walk a five year old past an ice cream shop without stopping, so that happened too. But her biggest reward?  Seeing Elsa and Anna at the end of the event! #fiveyearoldlifegoals

In a week, we are taking off for a trip I've been making my whole life. I am dreading the car ride but cannot WAIT to see my family and my second home!

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Liz Skerl said...

Neither of my kids are really into "playgrounds". They will play for a bit but then they are bored. We seek out playgrounds with natural features like streams/water, big climbing rocks and trees. Also, fences...

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