Hanging onto traditions: Apples

In a city that is growing with more and more choices every year and the temptation to try something new every weekend, it is the traditions that keep me grounded and which I most anticipate. The simple things like picking apples.

We have always gone to the same orchard, but because of rain the night before, we arrived to a closed orchard. I'll admit, pandemonium followed. We had already been in the car for 30 minutes and the nearest orchard was 30 more minutes away. My backseat was in mutiny, and I couldn't focus on where the map was telling me to go. Just get me some freaking apples.

Luckily, we found an amazing orchard (Legend Hills), where we will definitely return year after year. It was low key, had a great market, and we were free to pick whatever apples we wanted.

The staff suggested the Melrose and Golden Delicious for their ripeness that day, and we added a few other nearby varieties.

Lakyn loved the hunt for the perfect apple, Rhys loved taking one bite and throwing it as far as he could.  Nana was a big help, too. I have big apple sauce and apple crisp planned for these guys...

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